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Farmer Nappy Gives Politicians A Piece of His Mind. Video Inside.



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Farmer Nappy has taken Caribbean politicians to task, saying musicians must be better respected throughout the region. The “Backyard Jam” singer seemed liberated to tell all atop a political rally stage in St. Kitts on Wednesday night, even revealing the compensation amount he’d be receiving following his appearance at the People’s Action Movement’s Lift Off campaign.

Farmer told onlookers at the campaign rally that he has observed the practice of promoters across the region to hire full bands for Jamaican dancehall and reggae artistes while Soca artistes are left to perform to DJ tracks or hurriedly rehearse with a local band. “ Dey like to yap yap dey mouth and say dey helping we but we always on a back burner. This is not happening in St. Kitts alone, [it is happening] in Trinidad [as well]. Musicians are on a back burner and we generate the most set of money for carnival,” he told the band’s musicians, before telling the politicians, “ I hope that when whoever win the elections, they take care ah we.”

Passionately, Farmer Nappy said musicians are fed up of being used, lamenting that it is not only in St. Kitts but in Trinidad and Tobago and other caribbean territories as well.

Take a look at the video below:

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