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About E-Buzz

EBUZZTT is your No.1 destination for all Caribbean entertainment news.

We’re one of the fastest-growing digital destinations out of Trinidad and Tobago, with more than 100,000 multiplatform unique visitors per month in the Caribbean.

EBUZZTT, initially ETCETERABUZZ.COM delivers a unique variation of entertainment stories, focusing on Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean’s enticing array of festivals, events and music stars. With social media platforms that also deliver up to date info to global audiences, our reach spans and surpasses the borders of the Caribbean.

Monthly, EBUZZTT delivers to:

  • 100,000+ multiplatform users
  • 55,000+ mobile (smartphone/tablet) users
  • 45,000+ desktop/laptop users
  • Over 60,000 social fans/followers

EBUZZTT is what’s trending NOW in the Caribbean, delivering to the world, the sights, sounds and even tastes of island life, across the region.

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