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This Band Is Going Nine Years Strong. Their Vibe is Definitely IT!



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Today marks a very special occasion. One of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean’s well known music bands celebrates its ninth anniversary. The A Team Band, managed by Zarin Morean, with frontline acts, Eddie Charles, Kerlz and D Soca Trainer, have proven that they’re well able when it comes to representing the culture of Trinidad and Tobago, in any arena.

Morean says the journey that has led to this ninth year, has not been easy, and thanks the band’s musicians for their every effort, sleepless nights and their undying commitment to the goal.

The A Team Band has become somewhat of a staple to Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival landscape. In the past few years, the band has been chosen to support numerous artistes, among them, Patrice Roberts, Shal Marshall, Ricardo Drue, Lil Bitts and many others, at events locally, regionally and internationally. “There were times when we could have given up,” said Morean, recalling the early years of the band’s existence. The A Team Band’s musicians had been a part of another unit prior to the formation of A Team. “During their rehearsals with the Soca Unit band, back in the day at Question Mark Entertainment, the members all agreed that the band leader’s direction was not in line with what they wanted at that time,” explained Zarin. He said the members envisioned a more youthful, energetic vibe. “They decided to change their course and I was one of the people around them at that time. I was asked to manage the new band and I’ve been on board ever since,” he explained.

The A Team Band has performed across the world. One of the events Zarin says stands out was the band’s performance in Germany for the Bon Fire Festival. “It was a festival with all kinds of bands from all around the world and The A Team was called to be a part of it. It really was a proud moment to represent Trinidad and Tobago at that Bon Fire Festival in Germany,” he said.

Not As Simple As It Looks.

The A Team Band is, above all, a dedicated unit. Music Director, Miguel Charles and engineer, Brennon Virgil are credited by Zarin for their musical direction. “To get to where we are now, we’ve had to commit ourselves to very long hours- learning every song from the artistes and getting it to where the artistes themselves, want it to be,” he noted. He said a lot of tweaking takes place by Charles and Virgil. “They both have keen musical ears,” said Morean.

Excited for 2023

Carnival 2023 in Trinidad and Tobago, less than eight months away, The A Team Band is gearing up for the excitement. Morean says the focus at this time is to equip the band’s frontline artistes with their own music. “We’re working with Jason ‘Shaft’ Bishop, Zan, Kitch (Kernal Roberts) and Chinese Laundry, to make this a reality,” he explained, also assuring that the band’s 2022 Engine Room production will also be expanded. Further to that, Zarin said the band’s members are looking forward to working alongside YUMA and Chocolate City for the next season. “We really need to bring back that live music element on the road. I’m seeing it happening and I think that’s a good thing.”

Cheers to the A Team Band! The journey has only just begun!

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