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T&T, Vincy Soca Artistes and Socialites Meet Up In Grenada’s Jab J’ouvert.



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Grenada’s ‘wicked jab’ maintains its prominence, and more and more socialites in the Caribbean are feeding into the vibe. This year, as the Spice Isle hosted its carnival celebrations, several of the region’s entertainers and socialites were spotted enjoying the mayhem.

Grenada has lived up to the expectations of people across the world who live for authentic carnival fun. It’s Jab J’ouvert is like nothing in the caribbean. For the real jab enthusiasts, it’s all about parading in oil from head to toe ; live animals, like snakes and frogs accessorizing their ‘costume’. For many, random objects like a laptop computer or a rotary dial telephone, even a refrigerator or microwave oven, add to the spectacle of the J’ouvert experience, making for some of the craziest photos ever seen.

This year, Trinidad and Tobago’s entertainers, Kees, Voice and Lyrikal were spotted having fun in Grenada. Additionally, Scorch Events’ Hypa Hoppa was also a part of the festivities, as were St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Problem Child and Skinny Fabulous. Take a look at images shared by the entertainers.

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