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Music Producer Calls Out ‘Generations Before’ for Problems with Today’s Youth in T&T.



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Calling on Trinidad and Tobago to do better, music producer, song writer and artiste manager, KG says he is tired of what is happening. Expressing his personal views via his social media page, the entertainment professional questioned the motives of even the elders, lamenting that those who are considered leaders, are doing nothing to help the youth in the country.

KG has always been vocal on issues surrounding the TriniBad music culture. In his most recent rant, he questioned the inactivity of the elders in society. He said these people do nothing to mentor the youths, often bringing them down more, noting that the youths are now tired of hearing him speak to them. “I have no children but is ah setta youths I always talking to. When the youths failing, we have to blame the generation before. The youths don’t know better,” he went on, arguing that the elders should not give up on the young people in the country, but rather, keep trying to help them. “Why allyuh feel the crime reaching closer to our doorstep everyday?” he said.

On Wednesday, Trinidad and Tobago recorded six murders overnight. The murder toll for the year has surpassed 200 already. “We have to do better,” KG repeated sincerely, saying that things are getting worse in the country. His comment came even as reports surfaced that a young entertainer attached to the TriniBad genre, was shot and killed in St. Ann’s on Wednesday.

Earlier, Soca artist, M1 posted to social media, condemning the continued airplay of songs that express a killing sentiment. He said those who continue to play these songs are making no sense, pointing to the state of the nation.

Another artiste, Terri Lyons, who sings both Calypso and Soca music said often time, artistes like herself visit schools to educate the youths on the type of lyrical content, melody and overall music, her fraternity shares. “When asked, name an Icon of T&T, they call a lot of those gun songs,” relayed Terri, adding that despite that, she will continue to do what she can. “I support M1 and Orlando Octave – [they] been spitting fire ever since.”

Take a look at what KG expressed. Viewer discretion is advised due to obscene language.

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