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Rebellious Buju to Redemption Crowd: “When Are We Gonna Show Them Who We Are?”



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Silent he will never remain. Through music, he has always fought against oppressive voices and the characters who disseminate oppressive information. Buju Banton, on Saturday took the big stage at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Trinidad for Redemption 8. It would be his second performance in T&T, following his release from prison. On Saturday night, though careful with his expressions, Buju remained true to himself and true to the people.

“Listen to me. Everything wa gwan ah foreign, why de Trini get de blame. Why everything ah gwan America, ah de Trini get de blame,” he sang, before adding, “Yuh see all de youth dem, make unno money.” His words sounded almost rebellious and reactive; almost as though he was triggered by something, personally. The artiste then drove his point home with the track, “Deportees.” That was quickly followed by ‘Don’t Be Silly,’ a rational anthem that calls for youths to be mindful amid promiscuity.


Buju appeared on stage donned in a personalized blazer. On it were the flags of both Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. His performance followed those of Black Loyalty, Luciano and Beres Hammond. It would make way for the late arrival of Anthony B who, as it was explained, had experienced flight delays en route to Trinidad.

With the stage well set musically by the three artistes who came before him, Buju’s return to the embrace of his massive fanbase in T&T, proved electrifying. Fireworks ushering him onstage, the artiste humbly made his way to the fore singing, ‘Destiny,’ – a song that carries as much meaning, as it does lessons for those young and old. He would remove the blazer in less than five minutes, getting down to the business at hand.

Limitless in his musical approach, Buju took moments in between songs to express feelings of anguish. “Tell government we suffering. We are suffering. Tell the leaders we are suffering. Cause we need jobs, my people are suffering , and we need food, my people are suffering. We need justice, my people are suffering. We need equality, my people are suffering,” he started in song, as he made it to the chorus of his hit single, “How Could You.”


The Covid-19 pandemic was also a point that he would not be silent on. “They tried to keep us a part. They destroyed out businesses, destroyed our family members and friends. What happen? This is that time when you the people of the world will have to stand up whether you want to do it today, tomorrow, next week or next year. They have already shown us who they are. When are we gonna show them who we are? Let’s free the people inna this BomboClart,” he said in a revolutionary stance.

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Marley Magic. Stephen Remixes Old Soul.



Approx. 2 min read

Stephen Marley, the acclaimed 8x GRAMMY® Award-winning singer/songwriter/producer, announces the release of a new remix of his single “Old Soul,” the title track of his latest critically- acclaimed album by DJ Delano of Renaissance Disco titled (DJ Delano Renaissance Santa Barbara Mix).

The remix also features a sample of the classic ‘Santa Barbara’ riddim created by the legendary Grammy Award-winning Jamaican drummer, Sly Dunbar (Sly & Robbie).

The new “Old Soul” remix release coincides with the resumption of the second leg pf Stephen’s Old Soul Tour (Unplugged) dates starting this Saturday, May 25th at the Cali Roots Festival in Monterey, California with his brother Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley.  Both the remix and tour are a continuation of Stephen Marley’s support of his landmark album Old Soul that was released last fall. 

“I was invited to play at Stephen Marley’s daughter’s wedding reception and wanted to play ‘Old Soul,’ my favorite song from the album, while people were dancing.  I decided to drop a riddim on the spot to create a remix doing it live.  They loved the mix and vibe from ‘the remix king” and this how the remix came about.” shared DJ Delano of Renaissance Disco.


Stephen Marley is an acclaimed singer and producer. He has worked closely with his brother Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley on the massive crossover hit Welcome To Jamrock. In addition, he continues to champion charitable endeavors centered in Jamaica as a co-founder of the Ghetto Youths Foundation, along with his brothers Damian and Julian Marley.

In 2017, Stephen established Kaya Fest, the annual music festival, which features special guests and rare family performances, all with the larger purpose of raising awareness around the benefits of cannabis, guided by the mantra “Education Before Recreation.” This summer, Stephen embarked on his annual, hugely successful Babylon By Bus Tour, and this week, he commences his Old Soul Tour Unplugged across the US.

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Sizzla Kalonji Is Ready to Take The Stage, At Redemption 9. Promoters Conscious of Social Responsibility.



Approx. 3 min read

Organisers, Tropix Entertainment, Java Nation and Johnny Q Limited, have made a major commitment to presenting the people of T&T with an elevated level of entertainment, the likes of which will see Steel Pulse, Collie Buddz, Christopher Martin, SuperCat, Jamelody and Mr. King, hit the stage, alongside Kalonji. 

SuperCat is ready to deliver.

This year’s concert follows a 2023 show, which was headlined by Buju Banton. “Reggae music is powerful and resolute in its affirmations of positivity,” said Java Nation’s Ian Pantin. The team’s unwavering effort to bring Trinidad and Tobago back to a place of peace, comes from a place of personal compassion for country. “There is no denying the fact that society’s moral compass has shifted somewhat and we see this in the news headlines daily. As partners in the entertainment business, we believe it is our social responsibility to direct our people onto a more positive path,” said Pantin. 

Each year, the tone for the show is depicted in the artistes chosen. Over the years, Tarrus Riley, Anthony B, Jah Cure, Sanchez, Luciano, Glen Washington, Beres Hammond, Morgan Heritage and countless others, have brought a variation of sweet reggae music. It is anticipated that this year, the addition of Super Cat will add some momentum – the artiste well known for hit dancehall tracks like, ‘Dolly My Baby’, ‘GirlsTown,’ ‘Cry Fuh De Youth,’ ‘My Girl Josephine’ and many others. 

Collie Buddz

Patrons, confident in the Redemption brand, have already expressed excitement for ‘The Way Forward,’ indicating their loyal support for the concert that has certainly stood the test of time. “We are truly pleased and humbled by the support shown to Redemption over the years- by both patrons and sponsors who we consider partners. Executing a show of this magnitude annually, is no easy or simple feat. We work dedicatedly behind the scenes, trying our best to accommodate every partner, while presenting live entertainment that is purposeful and enjoyable. It’s never easy,” said Pantin. 

Together with the team, Pantin says each year, patrons’ views are taken into consideration and efforts made to return one year later, with a show that is better than previously experienced. This year, one lucky patron will be the winner of a signature, gold and ruby encrusted, Redemption pendant, worth approximately $20,000TTD. 

Christopher Martin will be there.

For further details, persons can follow Redemption the Concert on Facebook and Instagram or call 780-SHOW (7469). 

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