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Beres Hammond, Sean Paul Contribute Major Collab to Music, With ‘Rebel Time.’



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This is the collaboration that reggae and dancehall music has been waiting for. A major musical collaboration between Sean Paul and Beres Hammond is on its way. The single, “”Rebel Time” will be officially released this Friday, via Dutty Rock Productions and Ineffable Records.

Likened to the days of rent-a-tile styled rub a dub, the single brings these two iconic Caribbean entertainers together in a collaboration that many would agree, is long overdue. “Rebel Time” is a fusion of lovers rock and signature dancehall beats, creating a genre-melding groove that will have listeners moving to the rhythm with ease. The song was produced by by legendary producer Sly Dunbar and hears Sean Paul’s recognizable voice and flow blend seamlessly with Beres Hammond’s smooth and soulful reggae vocals, resulting in a feel-good single that celebrates breaking out of the norm and daring to be bold.

The title “Rebel Time” embodies the essence of the song as it empowers people to free themselves from societal norms and take risks. It challenges listeners to embrace their uniqueness and individuality, urging them to step out of their comfort zones and explore new opportunities, fearlessly.

“It’s an honor to work with a legend like Beres Hammond,” said Sean Paul. He added, “I grew up listening to his music and to share the mic with him is a dream come true.” Beres meanwhile, said, “Sean Paul is one of the most beloved entertainers in dancehall music, and I’m really happy to bring our energy together to create a feel-good track that will resonate with people worldwide.”

“Rebel Time” promises to be a hit, purposely injecting a bit of contemporary lovers’ rock into the reggae-dancehall genre, and pouring a new musical cocktail for the global market. 

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