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General Grant Returns With New Soca and Strong Message for All.



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The name ‘General Grant’ is one that most people in Trinidad and Tobago and across the region, know and appreciate. A part of the music business for over 40 years, Grant maintains relevance, releasing new music frequently, and pushing hard to deliver to the people. Another Carnival celebration now in focus at home in Trinidad and Tobago, General Grant says he wants his flowers while he’s still alive, lamenting that while many artistes often go unrecognized for their contributions, they are certainly the ones who represent for country, wherever they go. 

A brand-new single released, Grant is back home in Trinidad these days. He lives in New York and says being there has given him broader perspective along with the opportunity to see the potential that is available. 

The new song, ’Nothing to Something,’ was written by the artiste himself, however he thanks fellow entertainer, Farmer Nappy for his initial direction. “I met Farmer on a flight and I asked him for some assistance to make the right connections for something different, something fresh, for myself. He sent me a rddim from MSK Music out of Barbados,” explained the singer. That opportunity and help would then lead to writing being completed in New York and subsequent production by Andrew Denny, in Barbados. 

Positive and honest, the song encourages elevation and progress. “Elevation is the key in life no matter how long it takes. This song is motivation. Where there is a will, there is a way,” said Grant as he encouraged people to believe in themselves. “Believe in yourself. Don’t doubt yourself. We can all go from nothing to something,” he said.

On the topic of Soca music and music out of Trinidad and Tobago in general, the veteran entertainer said he hopes artistes understand the importance of pushing as a team with one clear focus. “Soca music is receiving small bursts of recognition internationally, but in the grand scheme of things, we’re still a small fish in a big pond. The music is generally maintained in the same pockets internationally, with some small inroads by a few individual artistes,” he acknowledged, adding, “I don’t believe one person, as a solo representative, can represent the whole of Trinidad and Tobago. One person can’t speak for me or another. Inroads in the music industry internationally, require strong contingents of creatives who can showcase the varied creativity and expressions of our people,” he said. 

In the early 90’s, General Grant became the first T&T dancehall-style artist to see his music hit the Billboard charts. His single, ‘D Shot Call’, released in 1993, climbed to number 17 back then. Years later, he remains eager to produce new music and entertain audiences. “I want younger artistes coming up to understand that it’s good to be an individual, with your own style. Always do what fits you. Don’t change your style just to jump on trends. Perfect your style and remain humble as you grow,” he emphasized.

Bent on making it clear that artistes are the true representatives of the country, General Grant said, “Politicians do not make Trinidad what it is. Artistes and creatives make Trinidad what it is. The people make Trinidad and Tobago; Everything that we are- the way we eat, the way we lime, the way we fete and treat people, that’s what we sell to the world and that’s the energy we must always share with others,” he said. 

To stay in the know on all that’s happening with the entertainer, follow him on Instagram @1generalgrant and on Facebook @curtisgrant. 


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Rihanna Makes it to The Olympics.



Approx. < 1 min read

Barbados’ gem, Rihanna will be gracing the 2024 Paris Olympics.

No. She isn’t on the relay team, nor is she participating in the shot put event, but she’s sure about to spice up the faces of the athletes who will.

On Thursday, the ‘Love on the Brain’ singer announced that she’d sealed a deal with the 2024 Paris Olympics. “Tried to tell y’all… we outside all 2024!!! PROUD to announce that @FentyBeauty is a premium partner of the Olympic AND Paralympic Games baby!!! #FentyxParis2024,” wrote the global superstar, beneath a photo post.

According to reports, the Fenty Beauty/ Paris Olympics deal is a multi-million dollar, first of its kind deal that will see Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand, provide the glam and beauty for those participating in the 2024 Olympics.

Rihanna recently unveiled her her Fenty Hair brand. The product reviews have been pretty good and it is likely that the boss mom will continue her upward trajectory in the business world.

According to a press release, Fenty Beauty will provide makeup kits and tutorials for 600 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 21 who will present medals at the games. The kit will include popular Fenty Beauty products including the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer and the Eaze Drop Lit All-Over Glow Enhancer.

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Island Lime Magazine Set to Take Caribbean Energy to Global Heights.



Approx. 3 min read
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Both hard copy and digital, IslandLime Magazine’s on a mission. In the ever-expanding world that we now occupy, efforts continue to share the most authentic Caribbean energy, with everyone outside the Diaspora. It’s not a new idea but the man behind it has all the gumption it takes to make it make sense.

Simon Baptiste believes in the Caribbean potential.

Simon Baptiste says his team’s vision is to create a global platform that allows for the stories of Caribbean creators and creatives, to be shared with people around the world – people who are anxious to discover more about the heartbeat of the region. “Although we recognize the importance of what goes on within our region, there are also hundreds of tales – fiction and non fiction, being crafted by islanders in territories that stretch from North America ti Australia,” he said in a recent Ebuzztt chat. “It’s our job to reveal the players and the art.”

The magazine’s official launch took place on July 4th in Port- of- Spain, Trinidad and featured performances by Key DeVere and John G. In the aftermath of the launch, Simon issued a statement, thanking folks who came out in support. He explained that the rationale behind delivering the project now, lies in understanding that we – the Caribbean people, built nations. “A chain of over 700 islands, encompassing 1,063,000 square miles, has produced incomparable talent- people who have left and continue to leave an indelible mark on art, fashion, music, literature, entertainment, sports, science and technology,” he wrote. Baptiste praised his people, adding, “From Capitol Hill, to working spaces in Nairobi, to the offices of an advertising agency, Down Under, you’ll find someone who has island roots, and spreads the philosophy of what makes the Caribbean and its people so unbelievably spectacular.”

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