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Morgan Heritage Releases Insightful New Single This Friday. Legacy Protection Is The Aim.



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Morgan Heritage is set to release their single “Just A Number,” this coming Friday, January 27th.  The track was produced by Kareem “Remus” Burrell. Recalling the legacy of the Morgan Heritage family, Burell said, “Morgan Heritage and the XTM family have always had a connection. My dad Philip “Fatis” Burrell produced tracks for Morgan Heritage as well as their younger siblings LMS. I’m privileged to have produced this track and I’m really excited for its release.”

“Just A Number” is an awareness anthem, according to the creative team. It sparks conversation around the reality of how one can jeopardize their legacy or financial accomplishment over the views and opinions of others. The official music video will also premiere on January 27th via the group’s YouTube channel. 

“Just A Number was inspired by historic and current figures in the entertainment industry. The song speaks directly to the upcoming sports, film, tv, and music entertainers and anyone pursuing a professional career. We want to make them aware that they should not work hard and sacrifice all their lives to build a career and potentially lose everything overnight because of something you do or say. As students of history, we learned about brutal figures, and we’d like to start a conversation about today’s news makers and ensure the youths don’t make the same mistakes,” expresses the Morgan Heritage team. 

Dubbed the Royal Family of Reggae, the band has released 12 studio albums, including Strictly Roots, which won at the 58th annual Grammy Awards for Best Reggae Album category.  With a career spanning two decades and over, Morgan Heritage has worked with numerous multi-Grammy award-winning artistes and producers across multiple genres of music.

Along with the group’s global success, it also commands a significant sonic impact over the reggae genre fusing it with various rhythms and sounds from around the world. They bring a riveting stage presence and showmanship to the culture, which has made them synonymous with Reggae’s worldwide appeal.

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