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We Need Sweetness in T&T Again. Jaiga Delivers.



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One look at social media on any given day of the work week and a foreigner looking in may question the feasibility of visiting Trinidad and Tobago.

Crime and political mudslinging news blankets the media portals in print, web and even on the airwaves. There’s hardly ever anything savory reported by traditional media in the twin island Republic. Even so though, some entertainers understand their role and through music they’ve made every effort to uplift the twin island nation and the people who live here. Jaiga is one such artist.

A new track penned by Jason ’Shaft’ Bishop, is reminiscent of a T&T of years gone by. “Sweetness,” was recorded, ironically, on Independence Day this year. “It’s ironic how things happened. We weren’t supposed to record that song then but it so happened that Alex from Lunatix Productions was in Trinidad and he said he had a short window of time. He told me to come record the track. It so happened that Shaft who wrote the song was also in Trinidad for just two days,” explained Jaiga. He said the timing was sheer magic, as he has no idea that Shaft too, would be at the studio session.

Jaiga said the way things came together on Trinidad and Tobago’s Independence Day holds tremendous significance to him. “The reason I say that is because everything about this song is about T&T.” Speaking on the caliber of track being delivered ahead of 2023’s Carnival in T&T, the radio personality and artist said it’s the first time he’s felt that he’s gotten a song that could rival his 10-year-old hit, “Action.”

“This is a song for Trinidad and Tobago to be proud of. This is the new classic,” said Jaiga gleefully. Always an optimist, even amid the heavy atmosphere that often presents itself in Trinidad and Tobago’s news headlines, Jaiga happily exclaimed, “We in charge of sweetness!”

Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival takes place on February 20th and 21st, 2023.

The track is available on all streaming platforms. Take a listen here:

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