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Parang Released, Shurwayne Jets Off To Cayman. More On The Way.



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Not every Soca artist can say they’re as versatile as Shurwayne Winchester. His vocal range has gotten him into spaces only few have had the opportunity to perform in. This week, he’s in the Cayman Islands, performing at an event dubbed, “Block Party” there. It features internationally acclaimed DJ, Walshy Fire. He’s the only Soca artist on the cast on the Friday night, and he’ll be there delivering that good energy to the people. For this, Shurwayne says he’s grateful.

Shurwayne has released a soca parang song dedicated to mothers.

Shurwayne released a brand new soca parang song last week. It’s called, “Mama This Parang is For You.” The song’s been an instant hit on radio frequencies in Trinidad and Tobago that are known for playing the seasonal music. As the name of the song suggests, the lyrics, penned by the Tobago born entertainer and fellow artiste, Preacher, emphasizes the gratitude felt for what mothers do for their children. In Shurwayne’s case, his relationship with his mom holds great significance. “My mother is my heart. I’m so blessed to have her in my life still. That’s something I’ll never take for granted,” he said.

With major work underway in the studio, Shurwayne’s excited for what’s coming. He says he’s collaborated with a new artiste from across the islands and he can’t wait to unleash the song that he describes as, ‘one for the ladies,’ in the days ahead. “The thing about music is, we have to create songs that last. We can’t simply give the people music that’s just for a season and after that season it’s not worthy of rotation at fetes and on radio,” he said, explaining that it can be a challenge at times but as an artiste who’s been in the game for over two decades, it’s something he’s learned to deal with. “It’s really hard work to come up with a hit song every single season. The best we can do is explore new trends, work with new artistes, keep our ear to the ground and thread the water. I don’t subscribe to being a one dimensional act. If you’re a singer, you can sing anything,” he said excitedly.

In the past, Shurwayne has given music lovers major collaborations with artistes like Busy Signal, Maxi Priest, Christopher Martin and most recently, ahead of Carnival 2023, David Rudder. He says he believes in music’s power to change conditions and mindsets and with that, he plans on continuing to give the world the very best of himself, from a place he knows is true and positive.

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