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Usain Bolt Demands Return of $12.7 Million by SSL.



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The unscrupulous action of a single employee at Stocks and Securities Limited in Jamaica, could see the complete downfall of the company. On January 16th, attorney representing world renowned sprinter, Usain Bolt made it clear that if the investment company did not return the athlete’s money within 10 days, a criminal and civil case would be forthcoming.

On Monday, news broke that Usain’s retirement money, amounting to in excess of $10 million USD had been wiped out of his investment fund. Along with 30 other investors, the company had told of internal fraudulent activity that consequently affected their investments.

In an almost immediate response to the fraudulent action at the company, one Jamaican entertainer called on the authorities to step in.

Bolt’s attorney has now set the tone for the next course of action, making it abundantly clear that the track star will not be sitting by on the matter. Some fans of the sprinter have rallied in support of him, many arguing that Usain has done a whole lot for his country throughout his career and is undeserving of this outcome.

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