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Post Pandemic, Skinny Fabulous Says It Was a Necessary Break. Album Launched.



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People deal with challenges in different ways. For St. Vincent and the Grenadines singer and songwriter, Gamal Doyle, Covid-19 was a necessary break. Two years post pandemic lockdown and the entertainer explains to that he took it in stride and found ways to channel his creative energy.

On social media, Doyle, who’s best known in the entertainment world as Skinny Fabulous, proved hilarious, sharing bits and pieces of his personality here and there. Last week Thursday, as he launched his new album, B.A.D (Beyond a Doubt), Skinny spoke with us, explaining that while he did in fact feel the effects of the pandemic during the initial few months, he quickly found ways of expressing himself through social media, highlighting that he was not hindered in any major way, as a result of the restrictions. “I continued to make music. I continued to put out music and in the end, as soon as any part of the world was open, I was able to service the fans who wanted music.”

Now in the heat of what is being described and marketed as the Mother of All Carnivals in Trinidad and Tobago, Skinny Fabulous seems readier than ever to be his very best. His ambitions are intentional and set, and already, he’s fulfilling his personal mandates.

The 23-track album was revealed on January 15th in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Several collaborations with artistes like Problem Child, Nessa Preppy, Nailah Blackman, Charly Black and even the artist’s personal inspiration, dancehall’s Bounty Killer, feed music lovers and fans of Soca music, with variety and Caribbean flavour. Taking the time to thank Machel Montano for aiding his career’s development over the years, Skinny recalled performing at Machel Monday for nothing in return, until he was able to show his worth as a true stage performer and artist. As he took the audience on a brief journey through the creation of the album, he was sure to thank each of his collaborators, even telling Nailah Blackman how much of an honor it was to collaborate with her on their single, ‘Home.’

In chatting with after the listening party, he said his ambition for this year is to cement himself legitimately with a body of work that is a true representation of him as an artist. He is proud to have fulfilled his personal goal of creating an album to kick start 2023. On Friday, news came that the album had stood at #1 on Apple Music’s Best Reggae Album Chart. It has since been streamed in excess of 1 million times. “This year is the year to cement myself as a formidable force and a legitimate brand,” he said.

Asked what’s been the best lesson learnt over the many years of involvement in the music industry in the Caribbean, this is what he had to say:

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