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Undeniable Fire Downtown. Port-of-Spain Will Blaze With This One.

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Soca music ignites the soul.



Approx. 2 min read
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Like clockwork, the music’s on time. There will be no holding back this carnival 2023 in Trinidad and Tobago. Shurwayne Winchester, one of the Carnival mecca’s foremost entertainers, has unleashed a song that’s guaranteed to bring heat to the revelry that is Carnival. 

Shurwayne says he wanted to deliver something to remind true revelers of their duty, while at the same time, introducing the energy of Trini carnival to newcomers. ‘Fire Down Town’ is that track. Perfect for the panmen and equally provoking for the fete lovers, Shurwayne’s latest release is a reminder to all and sundry that a true Trini fete, a true Trini carnival pays homage to a cultural embodiment that can never be replicated. “There is something innate and powerful in what we give to the world- what we have given to the world, that no matter how others may try to replicate it, it could never be anything like ours,” said the Signal Hill, Tobago born entertainer. He knows! After all, Shurwayne has repeatedly proven that he knows what it takes to return to stages and venues, and tear it down with sheer presence and performance. “I will show everybody what this song can do. Trust me when I say, this song is fire!” he attested. 

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