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Terri Lyons Has A Lot on Her Mind. Her Heart Hurts For Soca and Culture.



She has given us great music. Whether the songs she’s delivered time and time again, have made it to the mainstream soca circuit in Trinidad and Tobago, is another story. For Terri Lyons, her fight to maintain the true sound of the Soca genre, is more important. She believes we’re losing the essence of what Soca is, altering the sound a bit too much, something she says will have adverse effects for the culture of Trinidad and Tobago, in years to come.

Terri Lyons wants youths to be educated from early childhood, on the various cultural elements of Trinidad and Tobago.

EBUZZTT.COM spoke with the younger of SuperBlue’s two daughters in entertainment, recently. She admitted that evolution, while often hard to accept, is essentially inevitable, but lamented that while much is changing about Soca music’s sound, the attitude of the population when it comes to accepting the genre’s worth and that of the artistes who give so much of themselves, to keep it going, is not changing. “One thing that isn’t changing much is our attitude toward our own culture- to us, to keeping our heritage and history alive,” said the younger Lyons. She wants the people of Trinidad and Tobago particularly, to defend the genre more. Lyons is also calling on the powers that be, to play a more instrumental role in influencing the youth from a young age, to appreciate the culture of the country. “Every school in T&T should have a pan room- a properly sound proofed pan room. That is our national instrument. That is something we should have. We have no respect,” said a passionate Lyons.

The young mother of one who doubles up as a frontline vocalist with Nadia Batson’s all female band, SASS, says while many people would not want to hear what she has to say on this topic, she feels Trinidad and Tobago places more effort on promoting foreign artists that they do, their own. “A lot is changing but again I say, the attitude toward our own culture, isn’t. There is just too much back biting in the industry and a lack of appreciation for the artistes,” she argued.

Lyons has teamed up with Grenada’s Mr. Killa on a brand new single ahead of Carnival 2019.

Terri has released a new single with Grenada’s Mr. Killa. The track which is called, “Wey Yuh Dey” is described as a call for all Caribbean people to show the rest of the world, just how hard islanders party. The track is laced with Afro beats and rides the Afro Jab riddim. She certainly isn’t against collaborations and fusing the sounds of the Caribbean, but for Lyons, the heartbeat of Soca must not be sacrificed for global appeal. She says when it comes to the soca music genre, she feels there should be no compromises and the world should know it as Soca- regardless of how it’s spelt. She says any attempt to change the name of the genre, which was birthed in Trinidad and Tobago, is disrespectful and should never be accepted.

Her only son, Mathias, a major driving force in her life, Terri is calling for more to be done in the school system in Trinidad and Tobago, to educate the impressionable youth on the history of T&T’s culture. “Kids in school need to be educated about our culture. They know more about Fetty Wap and Lil Uzi, than they know about Kitchener and Sparrow or Cro Cro, or Shadow. We have to start to educate the kids from young,” she pleaded.

Lyons said it is sad that many of this country’s foundation artistes, on whose shoulders soca music was borne, are not being respected in the land of their birth. “We talk a lot of big talk about this and that, but the people in charge really aren’t doing anything,” she said.



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Ms. Kerlz on stage with The A Team Band. 

Lead singer, Eddie Charles has been a part of the Caribbean’s entertainment fraternity for some time.

From the 90’s to today, Eddie’s style of stage delivery has been unique, making him stand a part from the rest, each time. He’s joined on stage in frontline position by sole female vocalist, Ms. Kerlz and the pretty talented, Abbyshi Jackson.

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Patrice Roberts Wows Nailah’s Sokah Origins With Slammin’ Hot Bod.



Photo Credit: Jermaine Cruickshank

Patrice Roberts is kicking all the haters to the curb. Well, that’s if she has any. Truth be told, everyone seems to be a huge fan of the ‘I Like It Hot’ singer who, in 2018, was present at almost every carnival fete, including Machel Montano’s Machel Monday. 

In 2019, we suspect Patsy’s gonna be a runaway horse, leading the pack with a level of confidence, many’ll just have to be in awe of. On Saturday night, in South Trinidad, the Toco native, threw all inhibitions out the door, donning a lengthy braided hair extension, complete with a body fitted ensemble that drew attention purely to her curves. 

Patrice’s body has been a topic of much debate over the years. She’s addressed public concerns as to whether she’s had work done, in the past, saying she hasn’t. In a 96.1WEFM interview in 2014, Roberts told Kim and Olatunji Yearwood that she’d simply been training very hard in the gym, getting her butt tightened as many had observed. Fast forward to 2018 and the mom of one is owning the attention, leaving tongues dragging and making even ladies, stare. 

Roberts has released a slew of soca tracks already, heading into Carnival 2019. We foresee an amazing season for the once-upon- a- time HD frontline vocalist who was mentored by the King of Soca himself, Machel Montano. She has teamed up with Sekon Sta on a single called, “My Side”. Beyond that, Patrice has given us several other great Carnival singles, all worthy of applause. 

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