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Soca Artiste Starts ‘Go Fund Me’ For New Ride.



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They say challenges make us stronger. In the case of soca artiste and songwriter, Motto, a major challenge faced on October 1st, may have him thanking God for life. The entertainer, in a social media post, shared a recent encounter that could have left him dead.

Motto, know for songs like, ‘Outsider’ and ‘Tote No Feelings’, was involved in a vehicular accident on October 1st. He had just purchased a 2015 Ford Mustang, upgrading from a 2007 Mustang. He said the treat to himself came ahead of the celebration of his birthday, noting that he had never gifted himself anything before. The artiste said the registration plates were switched by the car dealer, however the insurance company had not been immediately notified. “I was super excited. It did cross my mind but I said I’d wait till I got home (25 minutes away),” he wrote.

Unfortunately, Motto’s decision proved to be one he would regret, as just moments later, the vehicle would slip on the wet roadway as he cruised along the highway, and subsequently crash into a broken down car that was parked on the side of the roadway. “I jumped out of the carne second later with just one bruise on my neck from the seatbelt,” he said, adding that the the car had been wrecked. “The car is a total loss now. I never had collision insurance. I never got home with my car. Now, Motto is a man with no ride,” he wrote.

Motto will celebrate his birthday on October 20th. He has set up a Go Fund Me account with hopes that whatever he’s able to acquire from donations, can help him repurchase a vehicle.

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