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Shurwayne As Enticing As Ever. Ladies Excited Over Artiste’s New Releases.



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A legacy of being a real hardcore performer, Soca star Shurwayne Winchester is assuring women all over T&T, the region and the world, that he is prepared to give them all they need… Musically that is!

The entertainer has unleashed four songs, two collaboratively done with new artistes outside of T&T, and two brand new singles that are already making heads roll with excitement. ‘Bam Bam,’ produced by Mang Productions and Stone Livingston, was released last week and has been quickly followed up by ‘Iron Man’ on the Bess Box riddim, produced by Shot Master J and Kyle Phillips with Executive producer credit going to Mr. Bessor. Both songs are what Shurwayne calls, ‘tunes for the ladies.’ He makes it very clear that Carnival is woman and unapologetically argues that the more artistes move away from pleasing women, the less enjoyment we’ll see at fetes. 

“Women are the heart and soul of Carnival. We love to see them move and enjoy the music. We have to start with them first, please them and when the hardcore music’s released for the real revelry, they’d have already been fed their sweetness. Then they’ll be ready to unleash their fire,” he said. Laughing at his statement, the artiste revealed a bit of his thought process when he sits down to write. “I always think of being the fetter. I think of how the person in the all-inclusive, or the cooler fete feels in the crowd, listening to the music, whether high on life or something else. I think of the man in the fete with his woman – how she may want to be held and danced with. A lot goes into writing and then when I hit the studio, the vocals are the additives really,” he shared. 

One of Trinidad and Tobago’s true performers with unmatched vocals, Shurwayne says no matter what, he knows his place as an artiste, and will maintain his standard as a musician and a human being. “I don’t intend to sacrifice being the man that I am for clout or fame. The standard of artistry I’ve delivered over the years will be my legacy in time to come. For now, I want to continue pleasing and finessing these women. Many men aren’t doing that so I’ll take on the job.”

With still more music in his arsenal, the entertainer said he’s over just doing music for Carnival- for a season. “My aim is catalogue building. The bigger, the stronger the catalogue, the greater the value. I’ve done a lot of music, a lot of collaborations,” he said, recalling that he’s worked with Maxi Priest, Christopher Martin, Busy Signal, Major Laser, Serani, Destra, Baron, Bunji, Lord Nelson, Sparrow, David Rudder, Keida, Ultimate Rejects and so many other artistes. “When it comes to music, I really can’t contain what I have inside me. I have to always let it out. Most times, it’s for the ladies, but when the energy is unleashed, the fellas will always get something to get on bad to.” 

Two other singles released in late October, ‘Up In Here’ featuring an artiste from Roatan by the name of Jhaytea and ‘Gyal Love Bend’ with It’s Jus from Barbados, Shurwayne says he believes in bringing new artistes into the spotlight, no matter where they’re from. “We all have something to offer the people. Music isn’t a one size fits all. There’s gonna be something sweet in a song that attracts one listener or 10, and another 5 just may not feel it. That’s why the people who share the music with the world have to understand that it’s not about how they personally feel about the song,” he explained. 

From Christmas 2023, into Carnival 2024, Shurwayne’s pumping with adrenaline. Soca Parang, a genre of music with hits also in his arsenal, he says he’s just doing what comes natural to him. “There’s no forcing anything. I’m just doing what I love and I hope the people I’m doing it for will receive it in the same way.” Last weekend he got proof of their enjoyment of some of his new music during a trip to Toronto where he performed at a Soca Junkies event. “The ladies again!” he laughed. “The ladies will always be ready for Shurwayne. I love them for that!” 

For more on Shurwayne Winchester, follow him on Instagram @shurwaynewinchester. Subscribe to his Vevo Channel, @shurwaynewinchester. 


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