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Olatunji, Shaft Vibes Release Sweetness Again Ahead of C2K24. ‘Inventor’ Is Fire.



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There’s no denying a good song when you hear it. It just hits you and before you know it, you’re closing your eyes. You even end up on a Boatride somewhere in the middle of the ocean. That’s until you reopen your eyes and realize you’re in a taxi heading into Port-of-Spain or wherever. That’s the power of intrinsically good music. Olatunji Yearwood has ultimately delivered once again, and right by his side is the master songwriter, Jason ‘Shaft’ Bishop.

‘Inventor’ pays homage to the true essence of the Carnival culture that was born and bred in Trinidad and Tobago. With ease, Bishop’s use of simple words and phrases take the listener or fetter, on a journey through the years – a sweet trip down memory lane, embellished by a familiarity that only true Carnival revelers will understand.

Jason ‘Shaft’ Bishop

Olatunji’s collaboration with Bishop in 2023 for the single, ‘Engine Room’ proved effective in returning the ‘Ola’ singer to a place of musical strength and promise. He had appeared on  The X Factor UK (Series 15) in 2018, gaining quite a bit of international publicity via the show, having made it through to the live shows before being the first act to be eliminated. With ‘Engine Room,’ in 2022 heading into 2023, Olatunji emerged stronger than ever, engaging both the young and mature with a melodic single that, much like his new single, ‘Inventor,’ penetrated the soul of every carnival lover.

Responding to comments on his social media pages, Bishop said the song comes from the joyful, happy Trinbagonian spirit that’s embedded in his soul. “If you lose that, you lose the essence of our culture,” he wrote.

Inventor, like ‘Engine Room,’ was produced by Barbados’ ‘De Red Boyz.’


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