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“Please Programme Directors, Do Better.” Soca Artiste Calls for Equity.



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“Please programme directors, do better.” 

Solemnly and with no malice in heart, one son of the soil is pleading for equity in the music business as the Carnival 2024 season rears its head in Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Bessor is working with two well respected music producers this year – Kyle Phillips and Nikholai Greene. Already, he’s unleashed a single called, ‘Brighter Days’ alongside M1- an artiste he credits with giving him the strength to push harder in the music business, despite the challenges faced. The song, he says, has received little to no airplay across the nation’s airwaves, since its release three weeks ago. 

He isn’t complaining though. What he intends to do, is push even harder. The ‘Brighter Days’ project was first produced by Kes Keys of The Asylum Vikings before being co-produced by Phillips who he says, truly worked with him, to deliver what he knows is A class quality when it comes to music and sound engineering. “Kyle has worked with many, many artistes and there’s really no reason any DJ should ignore the work that comes out of his studio,” said Mr. Bessor. He believes in the young producer’s ability and likewise, he says Kyle chose to work with him out of sheer belief in his talents and capabilities. 

Mr. Bessor is grateful despite the challenges faced.

Grateful for the support of fellow entertainer, M1, Mr. Bessor said the Sangre Grande based artiste has been rooting for him since they began working together in 2007. Compelled to keep going as a result, this season he decided to invest in his very own carnival project. “I am the executive producer of the Bess Box riddim. I purchased the riddim from Shot Master J and we have tracks by Rocky, Shurwayne and my song is called, ‘Anything Goes,’” he explained. “I’m trying different avenues to get my name out there- to get myself seen and heard,” he admitted. 

Mr. Bessor’s deep rooted feelings aren’t very different from the feelings expressed by many in the soca music industry. He is however taking a different approach, empowering himself by making an investment in the music he believes in. 

At the end of November, the artiste will unleash his third contribution to the upcoming Carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago. “I have a song called ‘Soca Taking Over Places’ – the acronym to which is STOP. It calls on the people to stop saying that soca isn’t going anywhere, stop self-sabotaging the genre and stop selling it short,” he explained, excitedly recalling the way dancehall artiste, Bounty Killer was brought to strong condemnation of current dancehall trends when Machel Montano’s ‘Pop A Bottle’ was played at the annual Sting showcase, earlier this year. That single is produced by Nikholai Greene of NMG Productions and gives clear indication of Mr. Bessor’s solidarity when it comes to the soca music genre. 

A short season of revelry ahead, the artiste acknowledges the challenges that abound for everyone involved, but maintains, every artiste deserves an opportunity to be heard, with the listening audience being given 100% choice when it comes to what makes them feel good. 

For more on Mr. Bessor, follow him on Instagram and Facebook @mrbessor.  

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