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Orlando Octave:“The Scriptures Are Real.”



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Trinidad and Tobago entertainer, Orlando Octave has been on a spiritual journey that many have been privileged to observe, even from a distance- all thanks to social media. Recently, the Rio Claro native challenged his fans and friends on social media to recite a psalm. He coined it the Recite a Psalm challenge, explaining that he felt it was important for righteousness to be spoken into the lives of each individual.

The challenge saw a number of people video record themselves reciting Psalms- even children participated and with eagerness, Octave plastered the videos across his social media platforms.

Speaking with Ebuzztt on his effort, Orlando said, “The challenge was an idea that my friend and I came up with after assessing how we might be able to get people to acknowledge the Most High, especially at a time like this. We felt that it was much needed because we fully understand that the power of life and death is in the tongue,” he continued, adding, “success and failure is in the tongue and if we are the living trumpets and vessels, what we speak into the atmosphere is what we will receive, and if we have a vast amount of people speaking righteousness into each other’s lives, it would make a difference,” he said.

Octave, who’s been a part of the Caribbean’s entertainment and nightlife circuit for many years, said he knows the Holy scriptures are real, lamenting that he does not understand what men need to to see again, to believe this. “Many things were said in the past that we could expect, and we didn’t see it then, on the scale that we are seeing it now. My advice for anyone listening is, we need to remove those blinders- those blindfolds from our eyes and seek our Father, understand who we are and repent and return to the Most High. We need to put and end to our wicked ways.”

Orlando has released music aimed at delivering knowledge and wisdom to his fans and supporters, over the past year. One of his most recent releases is called, ‘Revelation.’ It came on the heels of songs like ‘Awake’ and ‘Honorable.’ Take a listen.

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