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Nailah Blackman Unleashes Pure Sweetness With The Iron in Mind.



Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival is nothing without the sweet sound of the steel pan. Paying homage to the great men and women, and even youngsters who live their lives passionately beating the percussion instrument, the granddaughter of Ras Shorty I, Nailah Blackman, has unleashed a brand new track that’s both aesthetically pleasing and rhythmically hot, and we’re here for it!

On Monday, the hit maker, who only shot to fame about a year and a half ago, delivered her new release via LIVE social media  updates, showing fans of Soca that their music can reach them beyond the traditional radio airwaves. The new track, “Iron Love”,  features the Laventille Rhythm Section, and was produced by Anson Soverall.

Nailah’s been extremely consistent musically, over the past year. Her breakthrough onto the mainstream Soca circuit alongside Kees Dieffenthaller in 2017, certainly gave her the thrust she needed, and she hasn’t stopped since. Her collaborations with Jamaica’s Shenseea, Tarrus Riley and Ding Dong, have each placed her in categories that add to her musical profile, leveraging her as a Caribbean female artiste that isn’t afraid to grow beyond what she started off as.

Blackman’s vocals have also been featured on a single with Bosnian-born Swedish DJ and producer Salvatore Ganacci. That track’s called, “Kill A Sound Boy”.

Now, check out Iron Love. Be sure to let us know how you rate this one, in our comments section below the story.


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Dwayne Bravo Gets Involved. Calls on Gangsters To Stop The War in Trinidad and Tobago.



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He’s always referred to himself as a champion. Now, former West Indies cricketer, Dwayne Bravo says he is the champion of the nation. His life story may be quite similar to many of Trinidad and Tobago’s young people, but what makes the cricket star turned artist, a pillar of powerful change is his forward thinking attitude.

Bravo released a new single on Monday. It would prove to be something quite timely, amid a spiralling crime situation in Trinidad and Tobago. The song, “Done De War”, expresses Bravo’s desire to see peace, unity and love in the land of his birth. Speaking on RED96.7FM, the entertainer said, ” This is a new song for me and it’s no secret what’s going on in T&T. This song isn’t only about the violence because there are all kinds of wars happening around us.”

Bravo suggested that there is animosity among DJs, athletes and even religious factions, even suggesting that there is war taking place even on social media.

“I want everybody to unite in Trinidad and Tobago. The time is now. The festive time is now and people are releasing a lot of different types of songs but I’ve chosen to use my platform to encourage positive change.”


On Monday, the superstar cricketer made his rounds to various urban radio stations, preaching this sentiment, urging Trinidad and Tobago’s people to do better for themselves, and for the generations to come.

Bravo visited the youths at Success Laventille Secondary School recently.

Explaining that he had embarked on a school tour recently, the Santa Cruz, Trinidad native said many children look up to him and he realised that with their appreciation of his music. “Most of the children know my songs word for word. This song is really calling on the nation, for everybody to unite as one,” he insisted.

In a social media post on the first day of his school tour, Bravo, having visited the children at the Success Laventille Secondary School said, “It felt so good.” His effort to draw attention to the harsh reality faced by many of these young people who reside in crime hot spots in Trinidad and Tobago, is certainly worthy of commendation.





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Patrice Roberts Is Serving Up Those Looks. Have You Seen Her?



Kees and Voice are among the male soca stars who’ve been photographed enjoying some sporting fun.

No matter where she globe trots, fashion’s atop Patrice Roberts’ agenda it seems. The soca mom has been showing off her looks daily aboard the Uber Soca Cruise, this as her male counterparts have been getting in on the sport excitement aboard the Royal Caribbean vessel. Patrice is just one of several artistes who’ve been cruising for the past week, with two sailings by the soca promo outfit.

We’ve been keeping our eye on Patsy. Her music’s already causing a stir, all with several releases already circulating. Her most recent release, “Touch Me” on the Toco Loco riddim, also hears her mentor, Machel Montano deliver a single called, “Toco Loco”. Roberts also has ‘Like It Hot’, ‘Into You’, ‘Work 4 It’ and ‘My Side’ with Sekon Sta.

Momentum ahead of the season high, the young artiste is definitely serving up the action. Her image, certainly a major part of overall promotion, Patrice Roberts is making sure she’s on her A game, no matter what it takes.

Check out some of her USC looks.

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