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Masqueraders Will Choose Road March in T&T Today. Winner Will Be Set for 2023.



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After weeks of debate over what the preferred song for Carnival 2023 Road March, should be, the deciding day is finally here. Masquerade bands in all their glory will assemble their beautifully adorned masqueraders on this Carnival Tuesday, hitting the road to the sounds of sweet Soca music blaring from speakers, at every junction in the capital city and parts beyond. This is the bitter-sweet day many look forward to, annually. The question that lingers remains, who will be the 2023 Road March champion?

Nailah Blackman and Skinny Fabulous

Contenders in the race have been selected by and large by the DJs who delivered at carnival fetes throughout the season. They often claim to play just what the people want to hear, however many argue, there are contributions by artistes that are road ready, fete ready, that never make it into the DJs’ carnival ‘must play’ catalogue.It isn’t a new argument but truth be told, the argument is indeed an important one, since, for the many artistes whose music never make it into proper fete rotation, work outside of T&T’s carnival will be nearly, if not completely non existent.

Bunji Garlin’s Hard Fete is a crowd favorite

The Road March winner will see his or her booking price increase significantly after the season. That is certainly a perk every artist craves. In the race for the coveted prize this season are, Bunji Garlin, Nailah Blackman with Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano with Destra Garcia and Nicki Minaj and Patrice Roberts with Machel Montano. The songs, ‘Hard Fete,’ ‘Come Home,’ ‘Shake De Place,’ and ‘Like Yuhself,’ are priority tracks that DJs never fail to deliver. What matters today, as it did on Carnival Monday, is how many times each song is played as masqueraders of each band, cross the judging point or stage.

DJ Shaun
Patrice Roberts is in the running with ‘Like Yuhself.’

Ebuzztt spoke with Slam 100.5FM radio DJ, DJ Shaun in early February. Back then he listed six songs he felt, had the power and sweetness to give masqueraders a good time while on the road. Back then, ‘Shake De Place’ was not on his list. Last week Friday, like a power card, Machel Montano unleashed a remix to that song which he initially collaborated with Destra Garcia on. Internationally certified celebrity, Nicki Minaj was added to the excitement, delivering a unique Hip Hop element, with an effort-driven Trini dialect interlaced, in a bid undoubtedly, to seal the deal on the road. All three artistes were spotted atop a truck on the road on Carnival Monday, making it very clear that they want the coveted prize and will push for it come hell or high water.

You tell us, what is your Road March choice?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Abigail Lalchan

    22nd February 2023 at 6:53 AM

    I find this sound was ketching for me and I hope they win road march

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