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Rapper, Nicki Minaj Returns Home for Carnival 2023.



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The internet has been abuzz for the past few hours, this after news broke that rapper, Nicki Minaj landed in Trinidad on Sunday, ahead of Carnival Monday and Tuesday in the country. It was only on Friday that a remixed version of ‘Shake De Place,’ which features Machel Montano and Destra Garcia, heard Nikki’s vocals added, delivering to many in Trinidad and Tobago, something they’d wondered about for quite some time.

Minaj arrived well disguised and to very little fanfare, however upon news of her arrival and circulation of video tidbits of her walking toward a waiting vehicle, social media became intrigued. Whether the ‘Super Bass’ singer will be playing mas on the road on Carnival Monday and Tuesday is yet to be revealed. Back in 2020, Nicki did in fact participate in Carnival, standing atop a Tribe Carnival truck at the SocaDrome. She had been accompanied by her husband, Kenneth Petty then.

Machel Montano and Destra Garcia’s, ‘Shake De Place’ has been building momentum in the lead up to the Road March competition, which sees revelers parade across various judging points, to the ‘stage song’ most played by band DJs. So far, favorites for the road include, Bunji Garlin’s ‘Hard Fete’, Nailah Blackman and Skinny Fabulous’ ‘ Come Home’ and Patrice Roberts and Machel’s, ‘Like Yuhself.’

On Nicki Minaj’s Instagram platform, there is tremendous promotion of the new remix to the soca collaboration with Montano and Garcia. In her bio, the rapper has linked the YouTube page where the song and original visuals can be heard. It is left to be seen if visuals that will include Minaj, will be done while she visits T&T.

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