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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas – Strictly Local.



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We all know that the magic of the holidays is not so much in the getting, but in the giving. There’s a plethora of presents you can buy your loved ones for Christmas to make them feel cherished and appreciated but truthfully, gift shopping can be a daunting task.

With the usual hustle and bustle that comes with the Yuletide season, some people simply have not found the time to visit the malls or do online shopping. Have you noticed that the last few weeks have felt like a blur? If you’re one of the unlucky ones who are facing the dreaded last-minute Christmas gift dilemma – don’t worry, we’re not here to judge, we’re here to help!

There are still two days left to get that perfect gift for your family or friends to place under your Christmas tree. We compiled a list of our top four last-minute Christmas gift ideas that won’t break the bank, and are super thoughtful too. Oh! Did we mention that they’re all strictly local?

Coming in at number one is a gift voucher for a fun, relaxing day at the spa because who doesn’t enjoy being pampered? And while we understand that hotel spas are popular spots to unwind and rejuvenate, why not try one that’s more intimate and a little easier on your pocket too? Renewed Hope, located in Arouca, offers just that. With a myriad of services to choose from including deep tissue and hot stone massages, as well as cupping therapy, we’re sure that your nearest and dearest will appreciate some time to relax, refresh and renew.

Studies show that spa days help to decrease stress, enhance sleep, lower blood pressure and release serotonin and dopamine, which makes you feel happier. Owned by national volleyball player Ryan Stewart, Renewed Hope is the perfect haven and a thoughtful way to let your giftee know you value their wellbeing. 

Our second gift idea is jewellery. Why is jewelry a good idea? Simply because it makes people feel special. It’s unique, memorable, retains value and can be cherished forever. And if you know your loved one’s taste, this will be easy for you as you can choose those that represent their personality, colourpreferences and style. Sure, Danish jewellery manufacturer Pandora has some exquisite items but so does local jeweler , Zipporah Mason, owner of Empress Zipporah. Located in Arima. She offers a wide-range of fashionable pieces for men and women such as sets made of paper fabric, rings, necklaces and beaded jewellery. Bonus – she also sells purses and tote bags. 

DIY gift baskets have become increasingly popular in recent years and we can see why. Creating a personalised gift basket filled with the recipient’s favourite treats and small luxuries will have anyone blushing and that’s why it’s number three on our list. A cute idea is a spa-themed collection with body butters, lotions, artisan soaps, shower gels and bath bombs. Trust us, a thoughtfully curated basket adds a personal touch of love. Rodco Home Essentials, located in Trincity, is a good option to cop some of these. Founder Colleen Malwah-Aqui’s skincare line of handcrafted soaps, body butters, body Scrubs and lip balms come highly recommended by her clients. “Our line is formulated to be of premium quality with affordable prices. Our products are well researched and formulated to keep your skin cleansed, hydrated, moisturised and looking younger,” she tells us. “Our products use a lot of local products, things that granny used to use when I was growing up including caraille, paw paw, watermelon, mango, passion fruit and aloes.” 

And last but not least – scented candles! Amazon has an assortment of them to choose from, however, you may want to check GreenVision, a local online store which specialises in hand-made scented candles. Not only are they a great way to make a home more homey, but you can make them a more personable present by finding one with a fragrance you know the recipient will love. Scented candles are used in aromatherapy and boast several health benefits. Studies show they can calm your mind, improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and enhance sleep. “We’ve been in operation for five years and year after year I have experienced an increase in the volume of sales of our candles for the Christmas season,” says owner Brithney Patrick, whose scented candles round off our list of the top four best last-minute locally-made Christmas gift ideas. 

We hope these tips were helpful. Now hurry! Get your Christmas shopping finalized!

Writer : Cherisse Moe

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