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Konshens’ Wife, Latoya Wright Says She’s Been Single 8 Months and Counting.



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Marriage ain’t what it used to be huh? After just three years of marriage, Jamaican dancehall power couple Konshens and Latoya Wright seem to be separated. The pair have undoubtedly been in the spotlight for some time with what seems to be an on again, off again romantic situation. On Friday however, Wright told her Instagram followers that she’s been single for the past 8 months.

Wright who is based in Miami had been engaged in an Instagram Q&A with fans. The first question posed was whether she was single to which she responded, ““Yes. 8 months and counting! Funny how y’all went to your fingers.”

In February this year, the husband and wife duo who share a son, were spotted in Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival celebrations, ecstatically enjoying the freedom with no holds barred. Their rollercoaster marriage has however been a social media topic for quite some time, with some fans now saying they don’t even wanna know about it anymore.

Flashback to February 2020.

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