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VIEWZ Season 1 Ends. PengCo Music Says The Artistes Need Views.

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Viewz Season I has ended.



Approx. < 1 min read

A number of Trinidad and Tobago artistes have delivered and now, plans are underway to get even more artistes streaming digitally, via PengCo Music’s VIEWZ, when Season 2 gets underway.

Tonight, Orlando Octave took the digital stage, delivering some of his PengCo Music produced hits, among them, ‘No Matter How You Try.’ In the weeks prior, artistes like Lady Lava, Keturah Gamba, Incline, Squeezy Rankin, Roy Simmons, Blacka, 1MUZ, King David and Realiti among others, grabbed the mic and performed for their digital audience. The recorded performances will remain in the digital space, allowing the artistes and their music further promotional opportunity.

For Randal Alexander, the journey to delivering a full scale service to his clients, continues. His intent to make the dreams of those artistes he works with, come true, is strong. Tonight, as he closed off the first season of VIEWZ, Alexander reminded his people at home and those logged on across the internet, wherever they may be based, to share, like and comment beneath the VIEWZ videos, reminding them all that these artistes need the views, to see their dreams become reality. The project was sponsored by Guinness, RedBox, Ebuzztt and Promo Solutions and streamed via iENT.

Take a look at Orlando Octave’s performance earlier this evening.

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Buju Banton Celebrates 51st Birthday Following Sold Out Weekend Shows in New York.



Approx. 2 min read

He’s booked to return to New York in November but before that, renowned reggae artiste, Buju Banton will make 13 stops across the US. The Overcome Tour kicks off on August 23rd in Fort Lauderdale. The tour announcement came on the artiste’s birthday, earlier today.

Buju’s weekend double showcase at The UBS Arena has been the talk of the internet- photos and videos showing a sold out arena on both Saturday and Sunday. On stage on Saturday night, Buju – one of Jamaica’s most beloved entertainers, said God had bigger plans for him, despite being written off for a US return, by some. “They said, “you will never come back to the United States of America…” And I said to them, “let’s see what God will do.””

Buju Banton performs at UBS arena on July 13th

Online, some fans have described Buju’s performance in New York as spiritual, one person saying, “When you were ordained to do this, nobody can take it away.”
Buju returned to the US on May 2nd after six years. Prior to the weekend showcase, he had not performed in the States, in 15 years.

A media release by Destine Media confirmed a crowd of 36,000 filled the Long Island arena on the weekend. Noting the success of both shows, it was announced that Buju will now go on a multi-city tour accompanied by the Shiloh band. “The Overcomer tour will feature Billboard chart-topping special guest artiste, Fridayy,” it explained. “Known for his exceptional musical abilities, Fridayy, a Haitian American singer, songwriter, and record producer, has made waves in the music industry with his “When It Comes To You”, Stand By Me”, “Without You” and his triple Grammy nominated song “God Did” by Dj Khaled featuring Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and John Legend.”

In a statement regarding the milestone, Buju’s manager, represented by Joesph Budafuco, expressed great pride in the entertainer’s accomplishments. Budafuco highlighted the significance of Buju returning to tour in the US after a 15-year hiatus, emphasizing the anticipation and excitement surrounding the upcoming tour.

An artiste known for his conscious expressions, both on stage and off, Buju celebrates his 51st year of life today. He certainly has a lot to celebrate.

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Ebuzz News

Christmas in July Gets Boost with Latin Fusion Music Festival.



Approx. 2 min read

In Trinidad and Tobago, efforts to sustain the soca parang industry have seen the rise of mid-year, Christmas celebrations. Dubbed ‘Christmas in July,’ the new age dynamic has taken off, with radio stations and television networks capitalizing on the energy that many across the country, gleefully entertain. Already, the excitement is on and what better time to host a Latin Fusion Music festival, than the present.

Alicia Jaggassar

Well known, loved and respected parang vocalist, Alicia Jaggasar takes the stage this weekend at Estate 101 in Maraval, for the first ever Latin Fusion Music Festival. The event will also feature Mario Wallerson, Shauntel Skeete, Sonja Chase, Amrika Mutro and EFX The Band, under the musical direction of Emile Fortune.

A media release issued explains that Jaggasar, the 11 time reigning Parang Queen of T&T, is the brainchild of La Casa de Fusión (The House of Fusion). Latin Fusion Music Festival will be a part of La Casa de Fusión’s annual fundraiser, which aims to raise funds to create the first Parang Training Institute in Trinidad and Tobago. Through that initiative, Jaggasar and her supporting team hope to assist youth, and enforce community development.

Saturday’s show will start at 7pm, and will feature a guest performance by the incredible, Baron.

El Alma de Parranda- the name of the institute being formed, will be the formalization of 30 years of work done with the nation’s youth. Jaggasar has produced several concerts, tutored and established parang groups, as well as young calypsonians. She has worked with schools across the country and says the institute will provide knowledge and training on the Parang art-form, using parang music as a medium to teach the Spanish language.

The festival also includes a dance competition, “Bailando” and invites dance schools, dancers and enthusiasts to enter for an opportunity to win cash prizes of between $2,0000 and $5,0000.

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