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St. Joseph Has Its Own Carnival Vibe. Ever Heard of Belle Fourche?



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The energy of carnival is transferable. No matter where you are in the world, the sights, sounds and energy of the season- revelrous and rebellious in nature, seeps through every inch of the Metaverse. For that reason, and that reason only, we’re telling you about a fete that takes place in Trinidad- a fete you just might be hearing about for the very first time – never mind it’s in it’s 11th year.

Belle Forche is a $400 cooler, food-inclusive event hosted by a group of friends. Ebuzztt caught up with one of the founding ladies, Shan Vasquez. She told us that the event, which draws some 500 plus fetters to a residential community in St. Joseph, is truly one of a kind. Over the years, the event has seen performances by Patrice Roberts, Voice, Iwer George and even Lyrikal. In 2024 however, the focus switches slightly as one solo artiste has been hired for the stage show- Your King, Mical Teja. “We are putting the DJs in the spotlight this year and we’re also making it known that the event will move to another venue in 2025,” said Shan. Because of the group’s desire to come different in the year ahead, Shan said plans are afoot to draw an even larger fete audience, highlighting that one of the major lessons she has learnt over the years is the importance of marketing for carnival events. “I’ve learnt that carnival event planning is no walk in the park, but I’ve also understood the importance of finding a niche market and delivering on the right date in Carnival, for that niche.”

The swanky event, which brings friends together, caters to a 30-45 year old demographic and provides shuttle service to the residential venue, for those interested in attending. Next year, with major moves set to take place, it is anticipated that the the St. Joseph carnival fete will become a staple for many, on the carnival fete calendar.

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