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Entertainer, Pimpin Is Expected to be Fine After Work Related Incident, Says Manager.



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The entertainer known as Pimpin is well. This news comes on the heels of information being circulated on social media and other communication platforms, concerning well known public figure.

Ebuzztt spoke with the group’s manager Jesse John who explained that the popular hype man who performs with the artiste, Yung Bredda, has not been affected in any major way by battery water being thrown to his face.“They will go live on their social media later this afternoon and clear up this whole thing,” he said, adding, “He is ok. It’s battery water. From the message that was broadcast, it’s an exaggerated situation and he is good. He has his job. That is out of my jurisdiction as a manager. It has nothing to do with his entertainment life,” Jesse affirmed.

The dynamic team of entertainers have been trending for some time, delivering to fans a unique, youthfully vibrant energy via social media and certainly at events around the Caribbean. On Friday night, the duo took the stage at the annual Army Fete, delivering their usual engaging performance.

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