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Shurwayne, Kernal Unite. Rumble Is The Power Soca Carnival Has Been Waiting For.



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Kernal Roberts and Shurwayne Winchester are the latest creatives to unite for Carnival 2023. 

The Mecca of Carnival’s production of the Mother of All Carnivals requires hardcore Power Soca music for masqueraders and fete lovers. With that established, the pair who were once band mates with the big band Traffik, decided to collaborate and bring back an energy that has been missing in carnival. 

Together, Roberts and Winchester unleashed ‘Rumble’ on Monday. The track has already been described by some as a ‘wake up’ from what has become the norm this season and in recent years. “Power Soca is at the root of our festival. Without the right power soca songs to make the people move in the fetes, we will have nothing close to the Mother of all carnivals,” said Shurwayne. 

Roberts meanwhile explained that he felt it was important to return to the once established ‘authentic’ sound of power soca music, moving away from the jab infused elements that gained footing in recent years. “We are not bashing any artistes for going along that vein, but Trinidad and Tobago once had an established sound and we feel it’s time for that sound to be owned by us, fueled by us and promoted by us,” said Roberts. 

The pair agree that Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival while constantly dubbed the ‘Mecca’ festival, has been receiving a bit of competition in other territories. “People are saying that territories like Jamaica, London and Miami are pushing hard with the culture. If we aren’t careful, T&T could be forced to fight for what is ours. This song emphasizes the need for us to proudly own our thing,” said Shurwayne. 

‘Rumble’ is the third power soca track unleashed by Shurwayne for the season. 

In the last month, he delivered, ‘Fire Down Town’ and ‘Fever’- two venomous singles that could undoubtedly raise the energy in the fetes. “The DJs have the music and if they don’t, we want them to know that they can reach out to us anytime. This is our music, our carnival, our heritage. We all have to work together to make sure that this fire that lives in us, is respected by anybody from the outside who wants to claim it. It starts here. We’ll share it with the world, but it’s ours and we should always be respected for it,” said Shurwayne.


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