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Official Promotional Outfit for Buju Banton’s T&T Concert, Kicks Off Social Media Buzz.



All eyes are looking toward the end of the year. The countdown to Buju Banton’s release has officially begun, this as promotional outfit, High Frequency Entertainment- the officially contracted promotional company, set to bring Buju Banton to Trinidad and Tobago next year, begins to make major moves online.

Persons are encouraged to follow @highfrequencyentertainment on both Instagram and Facebook.

Two social media platforms- Instagram and Facebook, have been created, both bearing the name, High Frequency Entertainment. CEO of the company, Glenroy Watson who, for the past nine years, has held his corner, waiting for the release of the man he considers a brother, told Ebuzztt that the time is approaching and all systems are being put in place to ensure that Trinidad and Tobago’s people receive a mammoth concert event, they’ll never forget. He, however, said the real focus at this time is celebrating Buju Banton’s release. “I am patiently awaiting Mark’s return. He has been missed,” said Watson.

Watson’s ‘I Am Legend’ concert brand, which, even prior to Buju’s final T&T performance in 2009,  saw the ‘Optimistic Soul’ artist at the helm of varying star-studded casts, will once again be brought to life, as Gargamel’s release is imminent. “Many people around the world have waited for this time. It’s an exciting time for the fans and we will make sure that Buju Banton- a living reggae and dancehall legend, is heard and truly experienced by the people in T&T, next year.”

The concert’s date and other specifics will be released via social media, Watson explained. He said, for now, fans and followers, should simply follow the social media pages on Instagram and Facebook, guaranteeing that they will not be disappointed.

Buju Banton has been incarcerated in the United States for the past nine years. He will be released in December.



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Beauty Buzz

The Bajan Girl Shines Again. Rihanna’s No Punk. She’s Sending A Powerful Message to The Fashion Industry.



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Barbados must be incredibly proud. Their golden girl, ‘badgirlriri’ as she’s known on Instagram, has done it again. The singer who’s managed to stun the world in almost effortless fashion repeatedly over the years, launched her new lingerie line, Savage X by Fenty. It was extraordinary to say the least.

Rihanna is encouraging women to love the bodies they have.

Rihanna has been an advocate of embracing self. She disdain’s the promotion of perfection, having once said, “The biggest mistake you can make is to compare yourself with someone else. I hate the pressure that’s being put on us by social media. Young girls don’t know which way to go; they’re still figuring themselves out. And what we’re teaching them through social media is this idea that you have to be perfect. I just reject that at every cost.”

On Wednesday night, the artiste who is said to be working on a double album, lived up to her statements, ushering in a new fashion deliverable that stunned the world, making every woman feel beautiful in the fact that they could all wear Savage X by Fenty. The fashion event which was held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York, saw a variety of models strut the runway. Rihanna acknowledged the fact that the bodies of no two woman are the same and realistically, no one mould can be used for every female. With this understanding, the woman behind Fenty Beauty challenged the fashion norm, placing the view of what’s sexy in the eye of the beholder.

Backstage at the event, Rihanna said the concept of the new line was about mixing the organic with the futuristic, “or what we hope to see in the future. Women being celebrated in all forms and all body types and all races and cultures.” She went on to say:

 “It’s a shame that women have to feel insecure or self-conscious about how their bodies look.”

Take a look at some of the Savage X lingerie options now available…

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Caribbean Buzz

Dem Trini Gyal Dem… Nicki Minaj, Cardi B Beef Takes Over the Net. Meanwhile…T&T Roti and Doubles Get Big Shout.



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It’s a jungle out there and two of the wild cats creating a scene these days are none other than Hip Hop’s leading ladies, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj- both of whom have Trini blood running through their veins. The pair has been seemingly at it for a while but things escalated on the weekend when Cardi B attempted to run into Minaj’s security entourage at a New York Fashion Week event. Instead, she was on the receiving end of a bump to the face all courtesy Minaj’s bodyguards who just wasn’t having it. Of course, Cardi wouldn’t have been satisfied until she took off her shoe and threw it in the direction of the ‘Ganja Burns’ singer. Nicki was not hurt.

Amanda Seales is a Grenadian-American comedian.

Well, it certainly didn’t end there. The banter between these two equally successful rappers continues this week and many have been weighing in on the attempted face off. One of the comments that has however left us all chuckling here in the Caribbean is that of Grenadian-American comedian and actress Amanda Seales.

She, of course, gave her two cents on the topic, expressing a point of view that started with a disclaimer that she does not condone violence, before telling her online viewers that there’s really no right place for a fight to go down. Her final comment, however, gave the Trinidad and Tobago delights Roti and Doubles, some pretty good publicity. We’re cracking up over here!

Check it out :

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