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New Soca Parang Speaks Love, But Artist Questions Present State of T&T with Covid Cases Rising.



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Three days after Trinidad and Tobago’s government suspended the State of Emergency that had been imposed on citizens, restricting movement between 10pm and 5am, entertainer, Adrian Hackshaw, who’s best known as Bass, says, ”it seems like we’re back to square one.”

A new Soca parang track released for the Christmas season, the well known radio personality and artist said he had hoped that the lifting of the SOE would see a return to small scale events and some sort of active nightlight with the use of government’s mandated ’safe zones’ – spaces where only the vaccinated would be allowed access. Today however he is unsure, and laments the present predicament the country finds itself in, with an increased number of people being hospitalized for Covid-19.

On November 18th, seventeen COVID-19 related deaths were reported in Trinidad and Tobago by the Ministry of Health, taking the total death toll thus far to 1,908. There were 537 new Covid-19 cases accounted for by health officials on Thursday and 480 persons hospitalized. The country’s government last week said they would not be going back on efforts to move forward and urged persons to take advantage of readily available vaccines.

With these increased cases it feels like we’re back to square one even though the rest of the world seems to be moving forward,” said Bass. He pointed to the lyrics of his new Soca Parang release, “Christmas Is Love,” saying, ”I pray and continue to hope for the best. I pray that we all do what’s best for each other and I urge everyone to share love with each other this Christmas and beyond.”

Bass has always been an avid contributor to both the carnival and Christmas landscape in Trinidad and Tobago. He is just one of many artistes who remain hopeful that some semblance of normalcy will return to T&T so that their livelihoods can be returned along with it.

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