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New Kid on the Block, Sackie The Artist Reacts to Cancellation of Soca Monarch.



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A major blow to the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. That’s the sentiment shared by many across social media, on the heels of Thursday’s revelation that Soca Monarch has been cancelled.

The show, while admittedly starved of the massive crowd support over the past few years, has been a monument in the minds of Carnival chasers around the world, as well as faithful supporters of the art form, at home in Trinidad and Tobago. Many artistes have expressed gratitude for the opportunity that the ISM has offered over the years, especially as a platform for new artistes. In a social media post, young, up and coming artiste, Sackie said, “So what small man suppose to do when all was motivating him was Soca Monarch.”

Organisers of the event said they were unable to execute the show this year, due to inadequate governmental support. One media outlet revealed that government had been asked for a $10 million injection, into the event, which they declined.

There are mixed reactions on social media, about the events cancellation. For some, it is a welcome move. Media personality, Rhoda Bharath, on her platform wrote, “I feel if people here understood the level of grift that ISM was on the public purse they wouldn’t say all the silly things they saying. I for one hope a state sponsored soca competition NEVER returns.Let the private sector handle one instead. Calypsonians shouldnt be reliant on a state competition either.Tents and yards.”

Check out our Instagram post, asking whether the cancellation of the event was expected, to get even more views on the matter.

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