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BeachHouse Organizer Says They’re Giving Patrons More For Their Money This Year.



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Promoters are pushing the envelope this Carnival. With thousands anticipated to arrive in Trinidad and Tobago in the month of February, a wide selection of premium events are taking shape. Competition breeds variety and ups the anti, no doubt. It is certainly something that the team organizing the Beach House premium all-inclusive say, they revel in. 

“We’ve been waiting for the return of the outdoor Carnival feting experience for a while, and there’s no way we won’t go all out,” said Anson George. He is one part of the team hosting this year’s Beach House fete. It takes place on February 16th, at the scenic and spacious Sevilla Golf Course in Couva. 

“We’re increasing the premium gauge, giving patrons what they expect, and more this year. They deserve it. We know we must come really good; We have no choice,” said George. He understands the saturation of the fete market this season and explains that competition forces us all to do our best, something that in the end, proves beneficial to the patron. 

“How I see it, promoters in this short season- a season that has been anticipated for two years, are forced to deliver more than ever before. We cannot fall short,” he said thoughtfully, noting that in the age of social media, it can be suicide for any promotional outfit to drop the ball on delivering all they’ve advertised, and then some. 

Patrons enjoy the food at a previous edition of Beach House.

The carnival events market has widened exponentially in recent years. From cooler fetes to brunches, boat rides to high end soirees and everything in between, there is no lack of option for the Carnival patron. “Beach House is a carnival staple. It’s been a part of the landscape for some time and we’re excited to be offering live entertainment for the first time, this year,” said George. 

Known for being an event that employs the best DJs, the team felt the need to amp up the promotion in 2023 by adding live performances. “Evolution is natural. We want to make sure that every person who attends Beach House, leaves satisfied. From the premium food options, drinks and the ambiance, we’re sparing no cost because we know there’s heavy competition in this space,” admitted George, 

Carnival Thursday means that many tourists will be lodged and ready to fete all weekend long in Trinidad and Tobago. For the Beach House Entertainment team, ensuring that every guest is treated with exceptional service, is a priority. “We pride ourselves on thinking about what the patron would desire, before they even think about it. The service staff we work with, are briefed on the necessary service protocols we employ as providers of a high-end event service,” said George. He is adamant that no matter the competitor’s move, Beach House will be on top of its game. 

Like any good brand, the fun is doubled up each and every carnival and 2023 will be no different. Three days after the premium all inclusive event, the Beach House Cooler event takes place on February 19th. Tickets for both events are easily accessible now, with the online purchase option. “The feasibility of debit card purchases now at, is a big deal for promoters. This was a really good move by the folks at islandetickets. It’s a great move for the industry,” said George. 

For more on Beach House, fete lovers can check out @beachhouseme on Instagram and Beach House Entertainment Limited on Facebook. 

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The MOMENTUM Won’t Stop, Post C2K23!



Approx. < 1 min read

When Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival comes to an end this year, there’s a major cool down event that’s being touted as a ‘must attend.’ On Ash Wednesday, there’ll be much to anticipate as Black Star Entertainment’s planning the cool down event of the season.

MOMENTUM will feature the biggest DJs, along with the right mix of local and international entertainers to complete the T&T 2023 Carnival experience. Much like Black Star Entertainment did in the aftermath of the Miami Carnival experience in 2022, the outfit is delivering something extra and satisfying to revelers of T&T Carnival 2023.

All details about MOMENTUM will soon be revealed. This is however, your reminder to save the date- Wednesday, February 22nd from 2pm to 8pm!

Hey, you should grab your tickets now!

Follow @ebuzztt on Instagram and all social media platforms to get info as its revealed.

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