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Machel Montano’s Work Honored by The University of Trinidad and Tobago. ‘Lady’ Well Pleased In Her Son.



Machel’s achievement was celebrated last week by friends and family. Among those present were Tony Chow Lin On and Montano’s partner, Renee Butcher. PHOTO CREDIT: Jermaine Cruickshank

In the wake of the sudden death of two of Trinidad and Tobago’s calypso stalwarts- The Mighty Shadow and De Fosto, Machel Montano was last week honored by the University of Trinidad and Tobago- the young veteran receiving a Doctorate for his years of artistic and cultural contribution in his homeland.

Elizabeth Montano graduated in October with her Master’s Degree.

Machel Montano has given his life to the art form known as Soca and with every victory attained, Trinidad and Tobago has been represented. On Thursday, November 15th, as Machel received his honors, he thanked the people responsible for his development as a human being- his parents and brother Marcus. He also thanked his former music teacher, who he explained, was blind. “I want to dedicate this award to him also,” he said of the teacher who he credited with coaching him when he had just started his career in music. “He was a blind man by the name of Ashford Joseph of Siparia. Rest in peace, I wish he could have seen this moment,” said Montano.

Machel was all smiles last week’s graduation ceremony. PHOTO CREDIT: Jermaine Cruickshank

Machel’s mother, Elizabeth Montano who ironically, graduated with a Masters of Philosophy in Cultural Studies in October, said of her son’s bestowed honor, “Congratulations my son. I see the feeling in your heart, reflected in your smile.”

His response to his mom’s post was heart warming to say the least :

“Thank you beautiful mother! My work could not have been what it is today without you and ‘tocobushdoc” and our strong family. Thank you for always supporting us.” – MACHEL MONTANO. 


Machel Montano has been a part of the entertainment industry since the age of 9. He is now 43 -years- old and celebrates his birthday on November 24th.

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‘A Team’ Keeps The Fire Burning. They’re Gearing Up for A Whirlwind 2019.



Every entertainer wants to be a superstar but it’s pretty extraordinary to find a team of individual artistes and musicians whose sole aim is to ignite the hearts of the masses, treating each player in the Soca game with an equal amount of respect and not to mention, wishing them all great success. The A Team Band is that team. 

Ms. Kerlz on stage with The A Team Band. 

Lead singer, Eddie Charles has been a part of the Caribbean’s entertainment fraternity for some time.

From the 90’s to today, Eddie’s style of stage delivery has been unique, making him stand a part from the rest, each time. He’s joined on stage in frontline position by sole female vocalist, Ms. Kerlz and the pretty talented, Abbyshi Jackson.

What’s unique about the A Team Band is their appreciation for all artistes and the varying sounds and styles they bring. We recently had a chat with them, and here’s how they responded to some of the questions asked. 

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Patrice Roberts Wows Nailah’s Sokah Origins With Slammin’ Hot Bod.



Photo Credit: Jermaine Cruickshank

Patrice Roberts is kicking all the haters to the curb. Well, that’s if she has any. Truth be told, everyone seems to be a huge fan of the ‘I Like It Hot’ singer who, in 2018, was present at almost every carnival fete, including Machel Montano’s Machel Monday. 

In 2019, we suspect Patsy’s gonna be a runaway horse, leading the pack with a level of confidence, many’ll just have to be in awe of. On Saturday night, in South Trinidad, the Toco native, threw all inhibitions out the door, donning a lengthy braided hair extension, complete with a body fitted ensemble that drew attention purely to her curves. 

Patrice’s body has been a topic of much debate over the years. She’s addressed public concerns as to whether she’s had work done, in the past, saying she hasn’t. In a 96.1WEFM interview in 2014, Roberts told Kim and Olatunji Yearwood that she’d simply been training very hard in the gym, getting her butt tightened as many had observed. Fast forward to 2018 and the mom of one is owning the attention, leaving tongues dragging and making even ladies, stare. 

Roberts has released a slew of soca tracks already, heading into Carnival 2019. We foresee an amazing season for the once-upon- a- time HD frontline vocalist who was mentored by the King of Soca himself, Machel Montano. She has teamed up with Sekon Sta on a single called, “My Side”. Beyond that, Patrice has given us several other great Carnival singles, all worthy of applause. 

Patrice at Sokah

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