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Loving the Skin You’re In – Like for Real This Time. Have You Been Here?



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My legs have always been a lighter shade than the rest of my body. They’ve been hidden, covered up from the judgement of others. Strawberry legs. An array of tiny dark-brown freckles mapping the distance between my knees and ankles.

My shade – too light to be considered brown. Too yellow to be classed as a ‘redz’
‘White Lady’ – The term my father’s family used to address me by as a young child.

My skin – the fairest on my immediate family tree.

“How your skin that colour girl?”
“Who you get that complexion from?”
“You sure them is your parents?”

I’ve heard it all.

I grew up with my complexion being my greatest insecurity. How was I to accept myself if I had no clue of who or what I was? This struggle continued well into my teens. I was uncomfortable changing in front of others, felt that my skin was something to hide – something to be ashamed of.

Then I entered the world of work and saw women of different shades , hues and ethnicities owning their skin, dressed for success and standing tall. Legs carrying knee-length power suits – and I wanted to be one of them.

What I came to understand was that it was more than just wearing the clothes. It was a confidence that I had to grow and work towards; The kind of confidence that accepts every feature, every blemish, every scar and still calls it beautiful. That’s the kind of courage it takes to be able to stand tall in shorts, in swim suits and simply bare in front of the mirror.

My skin tells a story of triumph, of growth and of strength. And I am proud of it.

I think that’s why I was so drawn to Bona Fide Body by Lee’s skincare line.

Her products are dedicated to helping women fall in love with their skin all over again.

From the Turmeric Body Polish to the Rose Infused Body Oil – each a symbol of care. I adore my skin more and more with each use.

This self care journey isn’t a ‘one and done’ thing but it’s a process over time and by giving it the best care and attention, I’m able to love the skin that I’m in , for real, this time.

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