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Jamaican Publicist Writes Children’s Book. Wants Every Black Girl To Know They’re Phenomenal.

Approx. 2 min read
Already a wearer of many hats, Jamaican publicist Susan Smith is now stepping into a new world, officially debuting as an author with the release of her first book, “Little Black Girl.”



Approx. 2 min read

The story’s main character is 5 year old Kayra-Rose, named after Susan’s own infant daughter.

“The book is about self-love and instilling confidence in children of color because I see confidence as something lacking in a lot of young girls and I want to see them grow up to be confident women,” Susan said in a statement.

Having experienced several instances of colorism while growing up, Susan decided to channel the emotions she felt into something that would uplift others who are or have been in similar situations. While the story itself was completed in less than an hour, the process of getting the book to its final stage was a three year journey, she highlighted.

Little Black Girl” is available online at and at Kingston, Jamaica retailer Bookophilia.

“I started the book in 2019 but I had some challenges and had to delay. However, being a new mom and raising my daughter has been an incredible journey and this is one of the many factors that inspired me to keep going until this book was released,” she said.

As a publicist, TV producer, consultant and booking agent, the CEO of Powerhouse Global Media has steadily built a solid reputation for herself within the entertainment industry over the years and has now taken the plunge into writing – something that she has always wanted to do. “In a few years, I see myself becoming a well-known children’s author. By then, I will have quite a few books out and maybe even win a Pulitzer prize,” she said, adding that she also has plans on expanding her business and role as a publicist.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon. In Jamaica, “Little Black Girl” can be purchased at the Kingston-based Bookophilia, where the book’s official launch was held in late May.

“I want this book to connect with young girls right across the world. This is a passion of mine that I am so happy to be fulfilling. I want every little Black girl to know that they are absolutely phenomenal,” she expressed.Susan Smith (Author)

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