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Grenadian World Champion Javelin Thrower, Anderson Peters Assaulted. Grenadians Livid.



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Grenada is not happy today. On Wednesday, video emerged showing their star athlete and world champion Javelin thrower, Anderson Peters, being beaten by several men, aboard the Trinidad and Tobago cruise line, Harbour Master. Reports further state that the attackers were crew members attached to the vessel.

Statement issued by the Grenada Olympic Committee

A police statement indicated that Peters had been taken to hospital for minor injuries, while his attackers were being detained by police on the island.

The 24- year- old athlete returned with a gold medal in the Men’s Javelin from the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon recently. He also earned a silver medal at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England. In a statement, the Grenada Olympic Committee said it is saddened by the news of the cowardly actions of the five aggressors.

Following the incident, Grenadians have been expressing outrage, some damning the inclusion of Trinidad and Tobago’s promoters to Spice Mas celebrations. One individual, Robert Ashley Steele argued that there was no need for Grenada to ‘sell out’, arguing that his countrymen had chosen to sell out, rather than build.


EBUZZTT.COM has intentionally chosen NOT to post the video captured of the incident, understanding of the fact that it has already made the rounds virally, and considerate of the athlete’s traumatic mental state following the incident.

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