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Capleton Free to Travel Following Appearance in Jamaica Court on Monday.



Jamaican entertainer, Capleton – an artiste whose longevity in the entertainment business surpasses many, is free to travel after an appearance in a Jamaica court on Monday.

The artiste yesterday discounted and denied all allegations of sexual misconduct brought against him, saying that he was being extorted.

Capleton is the headline act of a concert in Trinidad – INFERNO, which is set for June 9th at the Jean Pierre Complex. Below is his statement.

I vehemently deny all accusations of sexual misconduct and do not condone crime or violence against women or anyone. I’m the target of an extortion scheme and my lawyers and I presented evidence to the authorities to fight this false accusation.

I’m an entertainer for 30+ years, blessed with a career and opportunity to tour the world, promote reggae music, help people and serve as a positive role model. I’m also a father with daughters that understand the responsibility of a role model and would never do anything to hurt anyone or jeopardize my career.

He continued, “I always advocate for women’s rights and empowerment thru my music, company employees and charity endeavors. “A St Mary Mi Come From” serves as a platform for new artist to showcase their talent and gives back to hospitals, schools, community centers, youth clubs, police associations for the past 13 years. Some of these institutions are operated by remarkable women, that I respect and will continue to support.

I have faith in JAH that justice will prevail and give thanks for all your support. @capletonmusic @astmarymicomefrom”

Capleton was placed on $250,000 JA bail. A request for Capleton whose real name is Clifton Bailey, to surrender his travel documents, was denied by the judge.

Caribbean Buzz

Poppy Can Play. Who Would’ve Guessed?



The entertainment arena’s full of surprises, isn’t it? The internet’s the perfect place to reveal it all it seems, even when it means telling the world that as gangster as your appearance may be, you’ve got a little Beethoven in you. Such is the case with Jamaican dancehall artist, Popcaan.

The dancehall hit maker grew up with his grandparents and admits that his grandmother does not listen to some of his songs.

On the weekend, the “Happy Now” singer gave a bit of a brief performance on the piano, posting it to Instagram and showing fans that there’s a lot more to him, than many realize. In 2017, the artist told that music feeds him life. “Music feeds me happiness and it help me express myself sometimes where me don’t want to say to somebody. Me just say it in a different language, where I sing it off. Music is the best thing. It feeds me everything. It feeds me life,” he had said.

Popcaan grew up with his grandparents in St. Thomas, Jamaica. His grandmother, a pastor, would ensure that he went to church, he explained in the article. He also revealed that as a youth he would listen to the music of Kirk Franklin- a gospel singer. Popcaan, a young, globally recognized name on the dancehall circuit, with songs like “Unviolable”, “Lef My Gun” and “Gangster City” says, Kirk Franklin’s “Gonna Be A Lovely Day” was a song that gave him light amid the darkness that he faced.

He’d say, “It’s gonna be a lovely day, lovely day, lovely day.” Me likes the happiness. My life was rough growing up too, so that song always give me something to hold on to, that it’s going to be a lovely day then, a lovely day still, even though it was rough at that time. It really turned out to be a lovely day after all.


In the Caribbean, governments are battling with gun violence and the proliferation of negative images. The question still remains- do artistes, entertainers, movie creators, radio personalities and even the actions of politicians, feed the negative energy, more than inspire change? Share your comments with us below.

Now, take a look at Popcaan’s piano playing skills. He’s not bad!

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Buju Banton’s Release Is Merely One Month and A Week Away.



Mark Myrie, the phenomenal reggae artiste, best known world over as Buju Banton, will walk away from a US penitentiary a free man in 39 days. The countdown to his release has certainly begun with fans and friends, event promoters and fellow artistes all excitedly preparing for the “Hills and Valleys” singer’s return to the Caribbean and eventually, to the entertainment spotlight.

Buju Banton is set for release on December 8th, 2018. 

Buju has been incarcerated for almost 9 years. His last performance in Trinidad and Tobago was in 2009, the very same year he was detained by US authorities. His journey has certainly been an incredible one, with fans across the world constantly calling for his freedom, insisting that the man who had given them so many inspirational songs of hope and goodness, had been entrapped. Despite it all, Myrie has remained strong, positive in the face of adversity, and undoubtedly focused on his return to his family and loved ones.

Event organizer of the “I Am Legend” concert event set to take place in April 2019, in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, Glenroy Watson, in a chat with EBUZZTT recently, made it abundantly clear that at this time, he is focused primarily on Buju’s release. “Nothing else matters at this point. Personally, this has been a long journey for me and for those who truly call Mark their friend and family,” he said, highlighting that the artiste’s overall wellbeing and mental strength is of utmost importance to him.

Watson, following the arrest and incarceration of Buju, had made it abundantly clear that there would be no ‘I Am Legend’ concert without Buju. For years, he patiently waited, visiting the artist while behind bars and standing firm with his family. Now, merely a month away from Buju’s release, Watson is excited and happy for the imminent return of the reggae hitmaker he calls his brother.

The Buju Banton brand remains a solid one around the world. Many anticipate his return to the stage, however Watson says he is patient. “We have to give him time. This is no ordinary situation. While we have secured an April 2019 date for our show in Trinidad, we are mindful of the artiste’s need to heal, spend time at home with his loved ones and reignite that fire that made him the great artiste that he surely is.”

Details of Buju Banton’s concert appearance in Trinidad and Tobago will soon be made available online at For now, with the countdown to his release the focus, the website offers a ticking clock, recording just that.

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