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Billboard Chart Topper, Cardi B Touches Down in Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.



Cardi B arrives in Trinidad ahead of her performance at the Big Bad Soca event. Photo by: Nigel Telesford.

She’s the biggest name in global entertainment right  now. She appeared on stage with Bruno Mars at the Grammy Awards last month. Cardi B, the Bronx, New York native who’s got Trini ancestry, touched down in Trinidad earlier today, telling one photographer, “you gotta make sure my nose don’t look too big okkkkk.” He later posted an image of the superstar sans makeup, gesticulating just how you’d imagine the sentiment to be relayed in true Cardi B fashion.

Cardi’s in town for tonight’s Big Bad Soca event. The lineup includes Bunji Garlin, Fay Ann Lyons, Shenseea of Jamaica, Machel Montano, Patrice Roberts, Lyrikal, Voice, Shal Marshall and more. The event is hosted by 66 Entertainment- the promotional outfit that brought Blac Chyna and Amber Rose to T&T for BaeWatch on Ash Wednesday two years ago.

Speculation has been rife that Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons have been in talks with Cardo B’s team regarding future projects. On Monday, fellow international entertainer, French Montana appeared on stage at Machel Monday. The carnival 2018 excitement is building and as usual, a number of big names in entertainment will likely be spotted in the mix. Already US rapper and reality TV star, Benzino has been spotted in Port-of-Spain.

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Cardi B and Offset Split Reminds Us All That Love Ain’t What It Used to Be. Here’s How.



Ain’t it strange how two people could be so madly in love with each other in one year and in a matter of months, they’ve completely switched, turned off –  matter of fact, that love has died and there’s no hope of salvaging it? Such is the state of Cardi B and Offset’s relationship, according to the Bronx born rapper.

Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, took to Instagram overnight, where she let out her secret, revealing that she and her hubby of just one year, have been enduring problems in their relationship that could not be worked out. She admitted they had tried. The famous rap couple welcomed their daughter, Kulture, in July this year.

The news has set off a firestorm of comments across social media platforms, many arguing that the couple had rushed into marriage. They secretly wed last year. What this situation draws into focus however, is the fact that marriage and love just isn’t what it used to be.

5  Ways Love Has Changed Over the Years: 

1. Women are less pursued. In the olden days, men with interest would pursue the woman they had their eyes set on. Today, women, being the outspoken and independent creatures they are, are pursuing men even before the men have a chance.


2. Chivalry is dead. Yes it’s cliche, but it’s true. When was the last time a man opened a door for you, lady? Because women have been settling in a sense, for whatever is handed down to them, there’s no denying that men no longer feel they need to work as hard to woo the opposite sex. With the common sentiment that there is now a deficit in men to fulfill the needs of the billions of women world over, men are getting through with their pursuits, faster than the wink of an eye. Are we wrong? 


3. Couples have less time together than they once did. The fact that both men and women are now in the workforce, leaves very little time to truly communicate and understand each other. Relationships today are in most cases, built on physical and material attraction, than emotional. Many people often make the decision to enter common law relationships or get married, without truly understanding the people they’re committing to. 


Cardi B and Offset have lived their lives openly on social media. They’ve been open to criticism and applause alike.

4. Social Media, in recent time, has made intimacy and sexual relations tremendously transparent and crass. While many would agree that today’s world functions more openly than it once did, because of social media, most fail to discuss the effect that this open book method of living, has had on marriages and relationships. Today, everyone knows what everyone is doing, all the time. Privacy is a thing of the past. True love, while beautiful to share and boast about, is difficult to contain and keep alive, with the world viewing and commenting on. Truth is, Cardi B and Offset lived their short relationship in full public view- near naked and all. Did it work out for them? 


5. Women have become overly independent. If a man is told, “I don’t need you. I can do sh*t all by myself,” and worse yet if he sees, you can do it by yourself ladies, chances are, he’ll hold his corner and allow you to do it all by yourself. This leaves room for many consequences in a relationship. The over-independence of many women in today’s society has had a ripple effect on relationships and the way men show love. Once upon a time, men wooed women with expensive jewelry and weekend trips. In today’s world, the Independent woman purchases her own damn jewelry and gets on her private jet to wherever in the world she chooses to go. How’s that working out? Truth is, men need to feel needed. If they aren’t needed, where’s the true love going to come from? 



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International Buzz

Bunji Garlin Makes International Celebs Aware of Flooding in T&T. Nicki Minaj Publicizes.



Trinidad and Tobago born Nicki Minaj is aware of the devastation being experienced following weekend flooding in Trinidad. The “Chun-Li” singer reposted a video initially highlighted by Soca artist, Bunji Garlin on Instagram on Sunday.  It has since amassed over 200,000 views with other international celebrities now paying attention.

Power couple, Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann are drawing attention to Trinidad and Tobago’s plight.




Bunji Garlin and his wife, Fay Ann Lyons have been using their social media platform to highlight some of the havoc caused as a result of the inclement weather. Many people have been displaced. Reggae artist, Isasha, who lost his brother Million Voice to cancer just a couple weeks ago, was faced with further turmoil when his home at Green Vale, La Horquetta was flooded and his vehicle also caught in the chaos.

Nicki signaled her intent to visit Trinidad soon, back in September.

On Instagram, Minaj had told fans back in September that she was planning to visit Trinidad and Tobago soon. Whether she will still be making that trip, is unknown. Meanwhile, other big names like DJ Khaled and Busta Rhymes have acknowledged the situation in T&T, Busta calling on Garlin to contact him. Another Trinidad and Tobago born rapper, Trinidad James also sent words of comfort to his fellow citizens on the weekend.

Rainfall continues in the twin island republic today. A number of people have been lending assistance in the aftermath of the floods but at this time, much is needed to bring the nation back to a sense of normalcy.

Urban radio station is among the entities assisting with relief collection. You may drop off items to render assistance, at their office, which is located at 88-90 Abercromby Street in Port-of-Spain.

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