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Authentic Vibes Promised For Borough Day Celebrations as This Big Band Returns.



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Evolution does not mean destruction. For the people who’ve walked the earth long enough to understand the importance of experience, the return of one of the Caribbean’s most celebrated music bands, will come as no surprise.

Eddie Charles is ready to bring a dynamic vibe.

Already booked, and ready to deliver performance like only this band can, the Point Fortin Borough Day celebration promises to erupt with authentic Soca vibes this year. Traffik returns to Point Fortin in 2023, and with experience its trump card, the band’s leader, Eddie Charles says they’re prepared to cause a major stir in this year’s celebration.

Now rejuvenated and ready to bring back authenticity to the carnival circuit, Charles explained that his decision to step down from the A- Team’s frontline asset, was a well communicated one. “There are no hard feelings whatsoever. The move is one I believe is necessary for my career as an entertainer who dabbles not only in the Carnival sector, but also in the Christmas and corporate performance sector,” said Charles. Already, he has confirmed bookings for December 2023- something that many artistes often hope for.

Eddie Charles has for decades proven his versatile edge as a stage performer and vocalist. His Soca parang music has placed him in a category all of his own, with many promoters reaching out annually to book him for their shows, locally and internationally. “Traffik is now Traffik 2040. We’re looking toward to the future, but still, we aren’t forgetting the true essence that makes Traffik what it has always been,” said the artiste. Eddie believes there’s space for everyone in the business of music. “There’s so much variety, and every space calls for something unique. Truth is, what patrons attending a Borough Day fete may desire of a performance cast may be totally different from what’s desired by patrons attending an event at the Queen’s Park Savannah or O2Park,” he said.

During Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2023, many online conversations surrounded the continued casting of the same group of artistes, repeatedly, by event promoters. “While we understand that promoters will pull for the big names in the season, based on music popularity, it is really important to give patrons a good time, and that requires authentic, potent performance.”

Charles’ return with Traffik 2040 is promising a whirlwind experience for patrons, with sets that will deliver hardcore Soca music and enticing stage performances. “What is a fete without a performance that leaves people sweaty, smiling and exhilarated,” he asked with a laugh. He says this is what Traffik’s return to the scene, will bring.
Point Fortin Borough Day celebrations kicking off later this month, Eddie Charles is ready and excited. Several event promoters have secured the band for their events and he says he can’t wait to show patrons just what a fete should feel like.

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Sizzla Kalonji Is Ready to Take The Stage, At Redemption 9. Promoters Conscious of Social Responsibility.



Approx. 3 min read

Organisers, Tropix Entertainment, Java Nation and Johnny Q Limited, have made a major commitment to presenting the people of T&T with an elevated level of entertainment, the likes of which will see Steel Pulse, Collie Buddz, Christopher Martin, SuperCat, Jamelody and Mr. King, hit the stage, alongside Kalonji. 

SuperCat is ready to deliver.

This year’s concert follows a 2023 show, which was headlined by Buju Banton. “Reggae music is powerful and resolute in its affirmations of positivity,” said Java Nation’s Ian Pantin. The team’s unwavering effort to bring Trinidad and Tobago back to a place of peace, comes from a place of personal compassion for country. “There is no denying the fact that society’s moral compass has shifted somewhat and we see this in the news headlines daily. As partners in the entertainment business, we believe it is our social responsibility to direct our people onto a more positive path,” said Pantin. 

Each year, the tone for the show is depicted in the artistes chosen. Over the years, Tarrus Riley, Anthony B, Jah Cure, Sanchez, Luciano, Glen Washington, Beres Hammond, Morgan Heritage and countless others, have brought a variation of sweet reggae music. It is anticipated that this year, the addition of Super Cat will add some momentum – the artiste well known for hit dancehall tracks like, ‘Dolly My Baby’, ‘GirlsTown,’ ‘Cry Fuh De Youth,’ ‘My Girl Josephine’ and many others. 

Collie Buddz

Patrons, confident in the Redemption brand, have already expressed excitement for ‘The Way Forward,’ indicating their loyal support for the concert that has certainly stood the test of time. “We are truly pleased and humbled by the support shown to Redemption over the years- by both patrons and sponsors who we consider partners. Executing a show of this magnitude annually, is no easy or simple feat. We work dedicatedly behind the scenes, trying our best to accommodate every partner, while presenting live entertainment that is purposeful and enjoyable. It’s never easy,” said Pantin. 

Together with the team, Pantin says each year, patrons’ views are taken into consideration and efforts made to return one year later, with a show that is better than previously experienced. This year, one lucky patron will be the winner of a signature, gold and ruby encrusted, Redemption pendant, worth approximately $20,000TTD. 

Christopher Martin will be there.

For further details, persons can follow Redemption the Concert on Facebook and Instagram or call 780-SHOW (7469). 

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A Powerful Journey. Calypso Rose Fought All Odds. Queen of the Road Musical, A Necessary Reminder.



Approx. 3 min read
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Technology, social media and the ease of life we’ve all become so used to in this 21st century, is a far cry from the odds faced and overcome by so many who paved the way. This past weekend in Trinidad and Tobago, the delivery of ‘The Queen of The Road’ musical reminded patrons of this fact, and much more in its walk down memory lane which highlighted the life and times of the incomparable, Calypso Rose.

Queen of the Road, written and directed by Rhoma Spencer, was presented by Yes Productions on both Saturday and Sunday in Trinidad. It was first presented as a workshop in Canada in 2019 before premiering in Tobago in October 2023. The musical begins with Rose’s acceptance of the The Victoire de la Musiq Award- the French equivalent of the Grammy. She won the award in 2017 after releasing the album, ‘Far From Home.’ In her production, Spencer rewinds the life of the 84-year-old, taking the audience on a whirlwind- sometimes harsh, often humor filled, consistently thought-provoking adventure through the childhood, adolescence and adulthood of Calypso Rose.

Thara Howe (centre) plays young Calypso Rose.
Photo: Carlyle Morris

Her story, a remarkable testament of each human being’s purpose from birth, is unraveled bit by bit in the musical, with a young Rose played by 11-year-old, Thara Howe- a student of St.Patricks Newtown Girls Primary School. Throughout her on-stage performance, members of the audience could be heard gushing at the effortless ease by which Howe executed her part of the matriarch calypsonian, in her childhood years. “She has a big future ahead,” said one person in the audience.

The adult Rose, played by 2018 Calypso Queen, Stacey Sobers was undeniably the perfect casting. An almost too-close- to- understand re-enactment of the Bethel, Tobago entertainer hears Sobers deliver with ease, songs like, ‘Tempo’, ‘Fire in Me Wire’, ‘Her Majesty’, ‘Leh We Punta, ‘ Young Boy’, and many of the artistes other memorable hit singles. Supporting cast members included, Kearn Samuel as The Mighty Sparrow, Karen Francisco as Rose’s aunt Edith, Theresa Hope who played the very important role of Calypso Rose’s grandmother and Fabrice Barker who played the role of her father – a preacher who went on to leave Rose’s mother and their family for another woman.

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