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Zesser Tempa’s Got The Kids In Her Hands. Bucco Council in Tobago Says It Takes Full Responsibility.



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Tobago’s Bucco Village Council is today admitting to its role in allowing youth artist, Tempa to hit the stage at the closing of the Bucco Goat and Crab races on the Easter weekend. Overnight, several videos showing the entertainer performing with openly indiscreet lines of obscene content, much to the delight of her very young audience, sparked outrage on social media.

Press statement by the Bucco Village Council.

Tempa has however built her name and reputation on the promotion of sexually charged and explicit lyrical content. The young woman who openly admits to being a homosexual, has unleashed songs with names like, “Beggin’, ‘ Feel The Heat,’ and ‘View You.’ In January, she paid a visit to her alma mater, Tranquility Government Secondary School in Trinidad, and was eagerly greeted by young fans of her music, as well as teachers at the institution. Back then, no issue was taken to the artiste’s school visit.

On this particular occasion however, the the outrage has been harsh and unrelenting as several persons have questioned the rationale behind the council’s hiring of this particular artiste for the family event. According to the council’s press statement, Tempa was chosen by the council’s youth committee after it was agreed that attendance had dwindled over the years. “The council gave our youth committee the opportunity to to contribute to the planning of this event and allowed them to give ideas and suggestions for making it more inclusive,” the statement said. The Bucco Village Council says it takes full responsibility for the artiste’s explicit performance, noting that she had been advertised as a performer for the event- something that would have drawn a significant crowd, as compared to previous festival attendance.

On show night, young children could be heard singing along, word for word, the lyrics of Tempa’s music. Many are now querying how such young children could possibly know the words of such explicit songs while others blatantly point to bad parenting and lifestyle choices ; The debate rages on amid a firestorm of expressions that range in focus, with some even posting figures at the police. “Where the hell was the Police? Now that videos are out, will he be charged,” argued Inshan Ishmael. Meanwhile, entertainer, M1, known for his soca anthems and infectious ragga-soca styled beats, in a comment on social media simply stated, “Yo M1 ain’t no Saint” believe that, but there’s a time an place for certain things dred that’s unacceptable. It must have a limit to the crap. Vex if yuh like…..

Here’s a look at what happened on show night at the event:

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