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Well, Seems Like Soca Artistes Are Performing in the SouthLand.



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This past weekend, Trinidad saw the return of some semblance of entertainment, albeit confined to a ”safe zone” environment. Video footage captured, showed St. Vincent and the Grenadines’, Skinny Fabulous performing to a large group of engaged fans in South, Trinidad.

While some people are amazed that feting has resumed, complete with live performances, most would agree that it was only a matter of time before people gathered for some much needed fun, at bars which were given ”safe zone” privileges some time ago.

On stage at the night spot, Skinny is heard singing his new track, ”New Gyal,” which rides the Buddy Pass riddim. The artist posted the performance to his Instagram page. The comments that followed expressed excitement with some saying they didn’t realize events were happening again in Trinidad. According to Skinny, police showed up at the venue after his performance. He had been responding to Jamaican personality and influencer, Sparkiebaby, who had posted, ”Keith supposed to have heart attack this mawnin.”

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