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Vale Vibe Cooler Fete Scores With Sold Out Crowd in Santa Cruz.



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Organizers of Vale Vibe Cooler Fete made a pretty good decision in moving the fete from its former, Maracas Bay location, and instead opting for Drew Manor in Santa Cruz. On Tuesday, from 4pm, fete lovers were entering the venue, ready to party with good friends and once again, create memories that would take them through another year.

There’s something about a cooler fete that intensifies the revelry in the carnival atmosphere. It’s something you’ll hardly ever experience in an all-inclusive setting. The Vale Vibe cooler team has continuously prepped their followers for the jammin,’ and annually, the event engages fans of soca music and the carnival vibe from all over the world. This year was no different. Billed to perform were Iwer George, Viking Ding Dong and the dynamic duo of Fay Ann Lyons and Bunji Garlin.


Iwer mounted the stage first and as usual, his set gave those who’d come out to fete, just what they needed to get the adrenaline going. He explained that the organizers had asked him to do a bit of a retro set to balance the event’s entertainment to which he obliged. There was some grumbling about the feeling that Iwer’s set has never quite changed over the years however, despite that observation by some, many danced and followed instructions given by the boss. When he exited the stage after his performance time was up, the crowd called for him to return, and like clockwork, George brought his bottle of water, throwing it out into the crowd, with that well known blessing.

Viking Ding Dong was next. He too, brought good energy to the fete. His growing catalogue of impressive soca tunes proved enough to get the crowd singing along and dancing. The young entertainer and DJ is enjoying a successful Carnival 2023 season, doing it all the while with a big smile plastered across his face.


Vale Vibe Cooler fete revelers came out in their numbers on Tuesday. The event was sold out, according to reports and as Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons made their way to the stage, a capacity-filled Drew Manor seemed to have become even more saturated. Nobody seemed to mind though and so, with that, the Vikings added even more pressure.

Fay Ann, dressed simply in a pair of cut out jeans and t-shirt, which bore the word, Power, supported her husband as he made his way to the stage to kick things off with his Road March contender, ‘Hard Fete.’ The crowd immediately flew into a frenzy. Bunji’s strong, masculine presence dominated as he worked the stage and proved that he is a man of the ground. Fay would present next and together, the pair brought even more life to the event.

The fete lovers would be impressed with current and older hits from both artistes and the continuous exchange between the crowd and their soca superstars, proved satisfying for both. The venue’s layout offered an elevated view toward the back, allowing some who may have found it difficult to see the stage, to maybe find a space up top. From start to finish, Vale Vibe Cooler was in essence, a real vibe. There’s no question that many will be back next year for the energy of true Carnival enjoyment!

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