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Spice Speaks. Artist Says She Suffered Sepsis.



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Thanking ”Jesus” for saving her life, Jamaican dancehall artist and mother of two, Grace Hamilton has finally appeared in a photo on social media, delivering to fans, her explanation of what happened to her in recent time.

Following intense rumours and speculation over her medical condition, Spice said her body was sent into sepsis- a life threatening condition outlined as the body’s extreme response to an infection. According to health reports, sepsis happens when an existing infection triggers a chain reaction throughout a person’s body. Spice told fans that as a result, she was rushed to the emergency room for care. She further denied having suffered a heart attack or being in a comatose state.

I’m still recovering from what really happened so thanks so much for all the prayers and concerns, please take great care of yourself, eat, live, love laugh, like it’s your last day, I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH,” the dancehall singer wrote on social media. Spice went on to jokingly say, “Yuh dun know Gracie always ago be harself, so I guess this is no more Jumping off a speaker ? Boxes for me,” before apologizing to promoters who had confirmed bookings with her.

Fans of the entertainer can now breathe a sigh of relief, finally receiving solid confirmation that she is well.

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