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Archived: And The REAL Big Winners of Carnival 2017 ARE…

Think you know who the real winners of Carnival 2017 are? We give you the RUNDOWN…



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It’s barely been a week since we said goodbye to Carnival 2017 and many of us are already putting things in place for T&T Carnival 2018 ; But before we move on to next year, we have to admit, Carnival 2017 was filled with some unique moments. Ebuzztt has compiled carnival 2017’s biggest winners and best moments – moments that will likely live on in our memories for many years to come. 

  • The Highlight of Our Rose

Calypso Rose has been honored for her lifetime of service, by the government of Trinidad and Tobago.

Even when her Songs “Abatina” and “Leave Me Alone” were released, it was hardly imagined that Tobago born, international Calypso songbird, Calypso Rose, would make the impact she eventually did, in carnival 2017. Amid the festive enjoyment in Trinidad and Tobago came word that the Calypso Queen of the world had won herself the Victoires de la Musique- the French Grammy. She had done so after her platinum selling album Far From Home, was voted Album of the Year. She subsequently performed at Machel Montano’s Machel Monday concert event in Trinidad, before a crowd estimated at over 10,000.

Toward the end of Carnival 2017, Trinidad and Tobago’s government announced that Rose would be honored with diplomatic status and a Caribbean Airlines aircraft would be named after her, for her lifetime service to Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Vikings x MM

The Vikings and the MONK make amends.

The infamous promotional image took social media by storm mere weeks before Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Many doubted but many were optimistic. Bunji Garlin and Machel Montano together on a track? Both sides had found mutual ground and came together for ‘Buss Head’- a song which saw the pair find common vocal ground and balance. While many expected more, the unity of the artistes seemed to stand at the fore of the single, lending to a season that promoted more love and less division. Montano and Garlin’s first performance of the song came at the much anticipated and well attended Soaka carnival fete at O2 Park. Their meeting on stage buried, to some extent, talk of a ‘business arrangement’, with many seeing the collaboration for what it seemed to be even at the end of Carnival- a new found relationship. They appeared at numerous fetes on stage together and symbolic of their strengthened relationship was the headline performance of Bunji Garlin at Montano’s blockbuster Carnival event- Machel Monday.


  • Terri Lyons Roars 

Terri Lyons was joined on stage at ISM 2017, by her father, Superblue.
PHOTO CREDIT: @islandereventstt on IG.

She came from the jungle and we heard her roar loud and clear in 2017. Often referred to as Fay-Ann’s little sister or Superblue’s daughter, Terri Lyons made a name for herself this year. With a tune many heralded as a powerhouse for Soca Monarch and Road March, “De Lion” proved to many, that Terri Lyons is capable of standing on her own and holding her own, on stage. She appeared at numerous fetes including– Army Fete, certainly one of the biggest Carnival events. Her second release with Skinny Fabulous, a track called, ‘Recruit’ showed the young entertainer’s versatility and was heavily praised by Soca music pundits. Solidifying her stellar season, Terri placed 4th place in both the Calypso Monarch Finals and Calypso Young Queens this year with her contribution – “The Destructive Phrase.”

  • Voice Proved he was Far From Finished

Voice earned the Soca Monarch title for a second year in 2017. PHOTO CREDIT: LizBliz.

While the Hasely Crawford Stadium saw a much smaller crowd assemble within this year, the International Soca Monarch contestants all brought their ‘A’ game as they  vied for the coveted crown. Notwithstanding a questionable technical glitch, and strong competitors, Voice, the reigning champ, again won the hearts of the judges and the people when he performed his early release, ‘Far From Finished’, in the end, retaining his title. Showing great humility throughout the season and even after the wi this year, it’s safe to say, Aaron ‘Voice’ St. Louis has a bright future ahead.

  • Ultimate Rejects No More

MX Prime and the Ultimate Rejects killed it this past carnival.

From the moment “Full Extreme” was released back in December 2016, it was an instant hit. It didn’t need to grow on many of us, it had instantaneously stamped its name as a force to be reckoned with. The lyrics “We Jammin’ Still” “We Doh Business” and “Hold Dem and Wuk dem” became Carnival 2017 taglines. Written, produced and performed by Ultimate Rejects – a humble team of talented artists, the undisputed Carnival 2017 anthem perfectly described the culture of Trinidad and Tobago’s people. The Ultimate Rejects was a staple in almost every fete and was the people’s choice for the Road March title, from the onset. Opting to stay out of the International Soca Monarch Competition, where many thought they would have been a sure win, UR, eventually went not to take the Rad March title, with ‘Full Extreme’ being played at judging points, 556 times on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. The song had also made history, being played the most times EVER, in carnival’s Road March history. Now they’re off to SXSW Music Festival in Austin Texas this month where they will be performing a 40-minute Caribbean Dance Music set.

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Beauty Buzz

Barbados’ Rihanna Does 30 Right! Makes Huge Business Move Like Only She Would!



Rihanna’s 30th birthday celebration included a big business move that could see the Barbados born Beaty rack up that dough, even while partying like the rockstar she is. Yesterday, even while celebrating the commencement of her “dirty thirties”, the Fenty brand creator released a new limited edition Fenty Beauty product- the Trophy Wife Highlighter. The super pigmented, metallic gold cream-to-powder was an instant hit when the brand debuted back in September 2017, according to

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife highlighter is available in a limited edition online.

The “Work” singer was certainly celebrated yesterday. A number of top tier celebs offered birthday shouts to Rih, among them ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown and DJ Khaled. Rihanna was pretty modest in her approach to the big 30th celebration however, posting via Instagram, an incredible “thank you” to her mother for her role in her life.

“10958 days ago @monica_fenty became a mother for the first time to her only daughter!” the singer wrote. “Today is just as much your birthday as it is mine! I love you mom!”

She also made sure to show her appreciation for the hard work and sacrifices that go into being a mom, writing, “Thank you for carrying me, birthing me, raising me, supporting me, teaching me, and loving me unconditionally! The woman I am today is because of everything that you are!”

“I thank God for perfectly hand picking you to be my mother when He sent my spirit to you! You are the greatest! Thank you!” 


The Fenty Beauty Killawatt: Dirty Thirty highlighter ($34) now comes in a gold box that reads “Dirty Thirty” and the product pan is engraved with “XXX.” Currently, it’s only available on Fenty Beauty’s website.


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Ebuzz News

5 Signs You’ve Got PCD. Here’s the Antidote.



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It’s the weekend after a pretty short but jam packed Carnival 2018 season in Trinidad and Tobago and guess what!? We think you’ve got PCD … need it spelt out? POST CARNIVAL DEPRESSION. 

Got these symptoms?

  1. Still in a state of disbelief.
  2. You keep watching your carnival pics.
  3. You keep posting your carnival pics to IG
  4. You’re waiting by the phone for someone to call you for some kind of post carnival pump.
  5. You’re aggravated about work.
  6. You went to the gym on Ash Wednesday like Fay Ann Lyons.
  7. You’re browsing carnival packages for Jamaica Carnival and even though it’s all the way in November, the Uber Soca Cruise…
  8. You’re upset you didn’t go to the last lap in Tobago this weekend.

If you have any three of these symptoms, consider yourself diagnosed with Post Carnival Depression. We can help!

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