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No Spice Didn’t. This Will Have You Either Baggin’ Up or Cringing.



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Dancehall artist Spice is no regular chick. The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star and dancehall vixen, has made a major example of one social media follower, giving him a taste of his own medicine.

In recent time, 39-year-old Spice has made a point of informing fans that she sees it as pretty dumb that a person would ‘follow’ someone – celebrity or not, if they do not like them. A video posted to her social media a few weeks ago, heard the ”Send It Up’ singer scold followers who were bent on making critical statements about her, beneath her posts. She urged them to unfollow her, if they weren’t fans of hers.

The topic has popped up again after a follower made a comment beneath a photo of the artist. “I don’t like this dress nah Grace,” wrote the follower, who appears to be from Trinidad and Tobago. Immediately, Spice, whose real name is Grace Hamilton, responded, saying, “that’s ok because I don’t like it either but that doesn’t mean that because you think it, you have to type it… you know why? I bet if you wouldn’t like it if I go over your page right now and comment that I don’t like your food. “Food for thought.””

Unfortunately for the follower, she wasn’t bluffing. Spice proceeds to visit his social media page where she comments as promised beneath his posts in the negative. “I don’t like your food,” she types beneath a photo of fried chicken. She didn’t stop there. She proceeded to attack his dog and his facial features.

Whether this move by the dancehall entertainer will get followers to stop their negative criticism of her beneath her social media posts, is uncertain, but one thing’s for sure and that’s the fact that now, more than ever, we know that Spice just doesn’t back down.

Check out how it went down.

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