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Nicki Minaj Says Nailah Blackman’s Going Straight to the Top.



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On Carnival Tuesday, Nailah Blackman met one of her inspirations. The 25-year-old artiste who’s been making inroads internationally, was greeted warmly by Nicki Minaj who visited her home country, Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival 2023. “Another beautiful baby who’s ‘effing’ up the place,” started Minaj in a video done with Blackman.

Sharing the video, Nailah said, “I waited 12 years to finally meet her in person.” She went on to explain that Minaj was the first international artiste that she knew had come from Trinidad and Tobago. “She showed me that it’s possible to do whatever you want. Nothing limits you,” wrote Blackman.

Nicki Minaj visited Trinidad and Tobago in the company of Jamaican dancehall artiste, Skeng. The “Super Freaky Girl” singer collaborated with Soca artistes Machel Montano and Destra Garcia on their Road March contender, “Shake De Place,” and would even perform the song while on the road with Carnival Tribe masqueraders. Before leaving the country, Nicki went into the Beetham community in Port-of-Spain. There, her team shot video footage with young women of the community, which is expected to be used for the video of her upcoming single, “Red Ruby Da Sleeze.”

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