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More Consciousness On the Way. Redemption Answers T&T’s Top Cop’s Call.



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More consciousness. This is the response by organizers of the upcoming Redemption concert being hosted in Trinidad, following a strong and honest statement made by the country’s new Top Cop about T&T’s crime situation. 

Police Commissioner Erla Harewood-Christopher called on the population to pray for spiritual intervention in the fight against crime, as she addressed members of the Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce on March 14th. On the heels of that call, organizers of Redemption the Concert have added more consciousness, revealing that reggae artiste, Anthony B has been added to their show’s lineup. 

Cognizant of the fact that each entity and individual has a role and responsibility in the country’s social landscape, a Tropix Entertainment spokesperson said the team is happy to be delivering a positive option in the face of ongoing criminal upheaval and anxiety in the country. 

Trinidad and Tobago’s Top Cop, Erla Harewood-Christopher

“An evil has spread over the land and we must recognize – those of you who are spiritually inclined, you must recognize that this is beyond the physical and unless we seek the intervention of that greater spirit, whatever we may call him – we know we have different religions, so who will call him God, who will call him Allah, or Krishna, all of us, if not all of us, 99 per cent of us believe in a superior being and we need to invoke the help of that being if we need to really bring Trinidad and Tobago back to that place where we want it to be,”Harewood-Christopher had stated. 

Anthony B, a prominent voice on Jamaica’s reggae circuit, has maintained a conscious spirit for over three decades in the public domain. As a member of the Rastafari movement, the Trelawny native came from a deeply religious family and in youth, was influenced by the music of artistes like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. His revolutionary stance has heard him deliver songs pertinent to political and social injustices. From the very beginning of his career, Anthony B chose to go against what was trending at the time – sexually charged lyrics, and instead provided musical accompaniment to the people on the ground who needed a voice. 

“We are happy to announce the booking of Anthony B for Redemption on May 6th. He is a positive musical force that we know, will make people think on show night,” said a member of the Redemption camp. 

The utterance of the country’s police commissioner has been met by deep dialogue on social media and offline. Many are in agreement; however, others have called for a proper crime plan. The team at Tropix Entertainment say they understand that an all-hands-on board approach is required to deal with this social epidemic. “Sometimes we must look at ourselves. We must ask, ‘what can I do to help alleviate this problem?’” With that in mind, organizers of Redemption are pushing full steam ahead to bring to the people of Trinidad and Tobago, a full-scale conscious experience that they anticipate, will wake up those who are asleep, those who are troubled, those who are uncertain, and draw them all closer to a Higher Power of consciousness and positivity. 

The show will feature the incomparable, Buju Banton, Love Rockers master, Beres Hammond and the enlightened and powerful, Luciano. 

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