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Mature Soka In Moka Fetters Revel As Iwer George Penetrates with Power.



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It was not a real Carnival fete until Neil Iwer George came to the stage. Like a savior, the water lord swooped in to save Soka In Moka’s vibe on Sunday, reminding all and sundry that Trinidad and Tobago Carnival’s major requirement is, and will always be, Power Soca music.

The event, which kicked off at 4pm and welcomed fetters to another venue just across the savannah from the school’s court venue where it had been held for many years, attracted a sizable crowd on January 1st.

Soka In Moka, after two years off, returned with a slate of in-demand artistes, among them, Nadia Batson, Viking Ding Dong, Patrice Roberts and the Boss, Neil Iwer George. Well known band, Dil E Nadan kicked off the performances and ended their set just after 6pm. That was followed by DJ Linx and hosts Whitney Husbands and Jason Williams’ attempt to warm up the crowd of patrons. The all inclusive event attracted a mature crowd with a sprinkling of youth in the mix, and as such, the cooler fete vibe could not be expected at Soka in Moka. Groovy soca trending across the airwaves and on social media, several artistes who performed would receive half-hearted crowd response, whether owed to the slow tempo of the music, or patrons’ unfamiliarity with the new songs.

The All Starz Band- a staple at Soka In Moka, took the stage with young entertainer, College Boy Jesse, at the helm. He began his set by paying tribute to his predecessor Blaxx, who passed away in March 2022. The reaction to Jesse’s tribute was warm, many singing along to the refrains of the patriotic artist who has certainly left an indelible mark on the soca music industry. As the event got into a rhythm, new music from College Boy Jesse failed to move the mature fetters, most simply looking on, hardly swaying to the rhythm of the beat. This is not to say that the young artist did not deliver, because he certainly did. Whether his music had been heard by the crowd enough prior to their attendance, was the big question.

The subsequent introduction of artistes, Viking Ding Dong and Jaiga increased momentum at Moka. By that time, those who’d been sipping on drinks, began swaying a bit more, turning the event into less of a concert and little by little, more of a fete.

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