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Archived: Machel's Passport Gets The Indian Stamp of Entry



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South Africa, France, and now India. Machel Montano is definitely getting his passport stamped these days. The 2013 Soca Monarch winner is currently in India where he seems to be having quite a time – based on his Instagram updates. Getting a taste of the Indian culture and exploring different cities, MM remains in touch with his fans as he continues to post update on what he’s been up to post T&T carnival 2013. But is this trip business or pleasure or a bit of both?

MM captioned this image, “Real Joy”…

Earlier this year, Mr. HD took a trip to South Africa which later produced an epic collaboration with South African coral group Ladysmith Black Mambazo for the song “Possessed”. A few months later, the artist documented another journey across the miles via Instagram. He had been in Paris, France and the outcome was him signing a licensing/publishing contract with Universal Music France affiliate AZ. Now he’s in India with certain updates noting meetings with movie directors and constant mention of a film being produced by Indieplago films called “Scandalous”.

Machel Montano shows off his Trini flag in India.

Machel Montano shows off his Trini flag in India.

He has met with Clinton Cerejo – a renowned Music Director, as well as Amit Trivedi an Indian film composer, musician, singer and lyricist according to his post and amid all these business meetings, Machel seems to remain committed to showing that he’s a True Trini to de bone!

Our ETCETERABUZZ feelers up, we’ve seen highlights of Montano partaking in some traditional and untraditional Indian cuisine and of course sightseeing across India, posting pics of him at the Taj Mahal among other spots.

No matter the outcome of this trip, what’s certain is Machel’s limitless passion for cultural experiences and his desire to experiment with different genres. He also represents for Trinidad and Tobago wherever he goes, doesn’t he? We stay tuned, much like we’re certain you are as well, to see what big deal he strikes from this latest voyage.


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